Canaries life saved from the snow and ice safe at the GSPCA with his owner on the way

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This morning we reported a stray canary that had been seen as a stray in the snow.

The stray canary had been seen this morning in a garden near Princess Royal Centre at Les Ozouet.

Only an hour ago the brird flew into a home near Melodonia on Route de la Houge de Pommier,.

Geoff George GSPCA Animal Collection Officer braved the snow and caught the bird which is now at the GSPCA and we are delighted to report we have found the owner who is on her way.

Helen Holmes GSPCA Admin Manager said "I've just taken the call and the owner is on her way."


Report of stray canary out in icy weather

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We have just had a report of a stray canary being seen this morning in a garden near Princess Royal Centre at Les Ozouet.

It will likely be cold and weak so please watch out for this poor little bird that is unlikely to survive long in the current weather.


Stray cat found in St Peter Port – long haired female tortie adult cat now at the GSPCA

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Last night the GSPCA warden on call collected a stray cat from St Peter Port and the GSPCA are currently appealing for an owner to come forward.

The female, tortie, long haired, adult cat is currently at the GSPCA, fit and well.

Sadly she has no microchip or tag and if anyone has any information please call the Shelter on 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Last night GSPCA Warden Michelle Champion was called out to collect a stray cat that has been around the Capston Walk area in St Peter Port."


Stray Muscovy Duck at the GSPCA found on La Monnaie

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On the 28th April a stray Muscovy Duck was found on La Monnaie and the GSPCA are currently appealing for an owner to come forward.

Now named 'Quackers' the bird is currently at the GSPCA, fit and well.

The adult bird has been at the GSPCA for nearly two weeks and if anyone has lost their Muscovy Duck or has any information please call the Shelter on 257261.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "Quackers is doing very well but we would love to find the owner."


Stray dog Molly is very shy around the Ladies Bay area - All sightings please call 07781 417515

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Currently a very shy dog is loose around the Ladies Bay area.

Molly a 7 year old black and tan cross breed went missing when out on a walk Tuesday morning.

The owners have been out day and night in search of Molly and have asked us to share her details in case you see her.

Molly has recently had a groom and trim and is wearing a red collar with cream paw prints with a tag with the owners details.

Molly is a rescue dog and very shy so unlikely to approach strangers.


Have you lost your cockerel? Lawrence rescued with a head injury forgot his way home

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Last week on the 1st March a stray cockerel was rescued near the reservoir.

The bird was found with a head injury and collected by Animal Collection Officer Geoff George and is being cared for at the GSPCA.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer said "We rescued the bird on the 1st March and are appealing for an owner to come forward."

"Despite his head injury he is doing well and if anyone is missing any animal in Guernsey please do call us on 257261."


Did you leave your chickens at the gym? Two stray chickens found at Beau Sejour now at the GSPCA

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Earlier this month two chickens were rescued at Beau Sejour.

The two birds weren't actually in the gym but walking around the car park through the cars and vans parking.

GSPCA Animal Collection Officer Geoff George was called out on the 16th February and to date no owner has come forward.


Catrina the cat who nearly died needs an operation - could you help donate to her care

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You may remember Catrina the stray cat who was rescued collapsed, soaking wet, starving and with no hair or skin on her tail last week.

Catrina was in such a poor state she has had to stay at the vets where she has received intensive, around the clock care.

It is highly likely she was hit by a vehicle although had a number of other health issues when she was found.

She has been growing stronger each day but she will need an operation on her pelvis which with her care is going to cost nearly a £1000.


Stray soaking wet, thin, injured cat with no skin on her tail, needing x-rays rescued last night & needs your help at the GSPCA

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Last night the GSPCA Wardens were called out to L'Islet to help rescue a very poorly injured cat.

The grey female cat had clear injuries and was taken directly to Isabelle Vets where she has been cared for overnight and undergoing x-rays and tests as she is very unwell before coming back to the GSPCA.

When she was rescued she was soaking wet, flat, lethargic, and barely moving her back legs.

Sadly she had no microchip or tag to contact an owner and the most apparent injury was her skin had been taken off of her tail.


Stan may be safe at the GSPCA but it sounds like she is not the only Stick Insect in Guernsey

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Last month we had rescued what we thought was a stray stick insect found in the Villocq area of Castel.

We thought this to be the first stray stick insect we have had on record at the GSPCA and we put out an appeal for anyone who has lost their pet insect to get in touch.

As a result of the appeal we have had contact with those living in the area to say that over the last three years they have spotted the stick insects both in their garden and home of which the picture is one cheeky lady that was spotted in a bedroom in the Villocq area.