GSPCA devastated as Oscar Puff the oiled puffin dies

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The GSPCA were devasted recently as despite making it through the first two days Oscar Puff passed away.

The signs and symptoms sadly displayed were that of a bird that ingested too much oil and despite around the clock intensive care and treatment we were unable to save the stunning tiny little seabird.

Puffins are incredibly difficult to rehabilitate and when they arrived covered in oil it is almost impossible as they try to clean themselves and the ingested oil poisons them from the inside.


Stormy weather casualty Oscar Puff the Puffin the first rescued since 2014

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The recent stormy weather has caused many casualties over recent weeks, but today the GSPCA were called out to a rare bird on our coast at this time of year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Earlier today one of our GSPCA Ambulance Drivers were called out to Grandes Rocques to rescue a bird that we only really see around Herm or Alderney during the summer months.”

“The bird we rescued today is a really poorly puffin a bird that during the winter months live far out at see as they only come on land to nest.”


Lihou the first Puffin at the GSPCA in over a decade is just one of many sea birds at the Shelter

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Across the Channel Islands dead and sick sea birds are being found.

The GSPCA have seen a dramatic increase in exhausted and oiled birds from guillemots to gannets and today a puffin was rescued.

Lihou as the puffin has been called was found earlier today and collected from L'Eree.

Lihou the puffin is currently in an intensive care unit at the GSPCA Wildlife Unit and the team are keeping their fingers crossed the beautiful little bird makes it through the night.