Furthest travelled and most unusual arrival ever at the GSPCA

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On the 15th February the GSPCA had a very unusual arrival.

We have seen a rise in reptiles in recent years as unwanted pets and even cruelty cases, but rarely get wild reptiles but just over 2 weeks ago a stow away from much further East than Herm was brought into the GSPCA.

A couple who had recently been on holiday to India were shocked to find that a very unusual little creature had taken a trip in their bags and returned home with them.


It is #WorldLizardDay and with 10 at the GSPCA there are many in need

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Today is World Lizard Day and at the GSPCA we have 10 in our care.

There are 9 Bearded Dragons and 1 Moroccan Eyed Lizard currently in our care needing support and 9 in need of new homes.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Today is World Lizard Day and we currently have 10 in our care.”

“We have 1 Moroccan Eyed Lizard and 9 Bearded Dragons in need of support.”

“They are exotic pets so you need the right setup and knowledge to look after them but they can make great pets if you know what you are doing and prepared to give them the care that they need.”


Collared Lizards abandoned out in the cold left to die

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Just over a week ago two Collared Lizards were rescued after being abandoned outside in the cold with their tank and no heating and would have surely perished if they hadn’t been rescued.

The GSPCA Ambulance Wardens went out to rescue and collect the lizards and on arrival it was apparent they weren’t well.

Once in the warm and provided with food their condition improved but after a closer veterinary examination there were real concerns for one of them.

Mexico on entry weighed just 30g looking very thin and Oklahoma 34g very bloated.


Have you lost a dragon in Guernsey?

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The GSPCA are currently looking for the owner of a lost dragon, a Bearded Dragon that is!

The Bearded Dradon now fondly called Sorrento by the team at the Shelter was found near Collings Road.

He is currently in a vivarium at the GSPCA and if you have lost yours please get in touch on 01481 257261 or pop into the Shelter in St Andrews.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We deal with all sorts of stray animals from Slygo the terrier to the more unusual like Sorrento the Bearded Dragon.'