Thanks to all that helped and supported an amazing Liberation Day

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Last month on the 9th May the GSPCA were not only very busy at the Shelter and around Guernsey rescuing animals, we were also out with two stalls.

One being headed up by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne in St Peter Port on Castle Emplacement and the other headed up by Michelle Champion at the Last Post.

Both stalls were incredibly busy and raised over £2500 between them and we must say a huge thanks to all that helped and supported such a great day of celebrations.


Liberation Day Volunteer Induction greets 3 new volunteers to the GSPCA – next induction Monday 3rd June in #VolunteersWeek

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The GSPCA are delighted to announce the fifth volunteer induction of 2019 was another great success with 3 new volunteers attending taken it to 66 volunteers inducted between the five evenings this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We had a fantastic night last week on Liberation Day and inducted 3 new volunteers wanting to help out at the GSPCA."

“That takes the total to 66 new volunteers through the induction evenings so far this year.”


FIREWORK NOTICE - Liberation Day 9th May Castle Breakwater, St Peter Port 930pm and Guernsey Rangers FC in St Andrews 9pm

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Every year we hear of firework related incidents involving animals and children. While fireworks may be exciting and pretty to look at and its fun to celebrate many celebrations with a bang, we must put our safety, the safety of our pets and the local wildlife first. 

Tomorrow as part of Liberation Day at 2130hrs (930pm) at Castle Breakwater in St Peter Port and at 9pm at Guernsey rangers FC in St Andrews there are firework displays planned so please ensure your animals are safe and prepare for the unusual sounds and sights they might be subjected too.


Can you help at our Liberation Day stalls on Castle Emplacement or at the Last Post

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Tomorrow around Guernsey we will be celebrating Liberation Day on Thursday 9th May  and as part of the many celebrations the GSPCA will be out with our stalls in town and in St Andrews.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne will be manning a stall on Castle Emplacement in town and setting up from 7am and Michelle Champion will be at the Last Post from 10am setting up with both stalls packing up around 530pm.


GSPCA Bank Holiday Opening Times

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Please remember that in the case of an emergency, sick, injured or stray animal(s) please call 01481 257261 and choose the 24 hour emergency option.

The times are below are the opening times at the GSPCA for our services and shop areas.

The GSPCA want to wish everyone a very Happy Liberation Day where you can see us in town on the Crown Pier and also at the Last Post with a stall.


Reception & Charity Shop area


Can you help with our Liberation Day Stall and help raise funds for animals in Guernsey?

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On the 9th May the GSPCA are in need of help to run a stall in town for Liberation Day and if we can find helpers also at the Last Post.

Our stalls are to help raise funds for the 500 animals at the Shelter from Temperance the seal pup to the many baby birds in our care.

If you can help please email or call 01481 257261

To see more about volunteering please visit –


Amazing & busy Liberation Day for GSPCA - thanks to all that helped & supported - next event Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday 28/5

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The GSPCA with like to say a huge thank you to the organisors of the Liberation Day celebrations in St Peter Port and at the Last Post, both were amazing events and a huge congratulations to all of the organisors.

On Tuesday teams of volunteers took stalls to both events and had a wonderful day celebrating and raising funds for the GSPCA.

In St Peter Port the stall was manned by Steve Byrne, Guy Hardill, Joseph Fox, Ellie Fox, Michelle Champion and even 5 month old Dylan Byrne helped raise in excess of £2500 on an extremely busy stall full of games and GSPCA goods on sale.


Liberation Day stalls for the GSPCA help animals in Guernsey - Thank you

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Last Monday the GSPCA were kept very busy all day despite the heavy down pours during Liberation Day.

Stall were set up and manned both at the Last Post and along the seafront in St Peter Port and both were kept busy through the day with the many enjoying the celebrations.

Thank you to Steve Byrne, Jo Fox, Joseph Fox, Ellie Fox, Helen Holmes, Yvonne Chauvel and Helen Sharman all of which gave part or all of their day to help raise funds for animals in Guernsey.


Liberation Day fun with the GSPCA at the Last Post and in St Peter Port this coming Monday - can you help volunteer?

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This Monday to celebrate Liberation Day the GSPCA will be in two locations raising funds and helping with the festivities.

We will be having a stall at the Last Posts wonderful event and volunteers Jo Fox, Ellie Fox, Yvonne Chauvel and Helen Sharman will be helping through the day with a variety of games and entertainment for all ages raising funds for the many animals in our care.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and other volunteers will be manning a stall along the Seafront in St Peter Port between the Crown and Albert Pier.


Liberation Day fun with the GSPCA at the Last Post and in St Peter Port

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On Saturday the GSPCA team were busy celebrating Liberation Day whilst raising funds for animals in Guernsey.

Stalls were set up on North Beach Car Park and at the Last Post and were manned by volunteers and team members that had given their time to run the games, tombolas and entertain the crowds as animal mascots.


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