Advice for pets & wildlife from the GSPCA with possible snow due in Guernsey

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With cold weather on the way the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey.

During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "With the coming cold snap and possible snow on its way, at the GSPCA we want to ensure pets and other animals kept and live outside are safe and have all they need."

"Extreme cold weather can kill if your pets and animals haven't got all they need when left outdoors."


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 6 - Help raise funds for free with each purchase through Easyfundraising for the GSPCA

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With Christmas only 19 days away there are many last minute shoppers looking to shop online for those gifts they can't find locally.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to our 86 supporters online supporters our Easyfundraising has raised over £1900. is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra. So far they’ve raised over £10 million for causes throughout the UK.


Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2018 - Nominations Now Open - Could you nominate someone in Guernsey?

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Petplan and the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) Charity Awards celebrate outstanding animal charities and not-for-profit organisations across the UK who go that extra mile to help rescue and rehome animals in need.

Petplan has worked closely with animal rehoming centres for over 30 years and sees first-hand the fantastic work that goes on to help improve the welfare of animals. These awards provide an opportunity to recognise the dedication and commitment of charities and give pet owners a chance to say 'thank you'.

What are the award categories?


WEATHER WARNING - With windy stormy weather please watch out for oiled seabirds & seal pups

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This weekend across the Bailiwick the weather is set to put our animals and wildlife at risk.

Often during the autumn and winter months with the high winds and stormy weather makes it difficult for wild animals and birds to feed and rest.

Also with the high winds we have to ensure our pets and animals kept outside are safe and secure.

The GSPCA are asking those that live around and visit our coast to please watch out for injured animals in need as well as seal pups which can get separated from their mothers at this time of year especially when we see bad weather.


With 6 new volunteers last week we have inducted 130 volunteers to the GSPCA in 2017 - next induction Monday 7th 630pm

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Last week we held our ninth volunteer induction of 2017 where we greeted 6 new volunteers keen to help the work of the GSPCA  taking this years inducted volunteers to a total of 130 not including others that have helped from businesses, groups and other organisations.

Last week Ella, Alex, Susan, Kieren, Sharon and Natalie joined the team of which 3 have already started volunteering at the Shelter.


6 last week and 8 new volunteers this week join the GSPCA for the 7th & 8th volunteer inductions of 2017

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Last week we held our seventh volunteer induction of 2017 and on Tuesday our eighth at the GSPCA and saw a wonderful 14 new helpers keen to learn how they can get involved with us here at the Animal Shelter adding to the 110 inducted this year taking this years inducted volunteers to a total of 124 not including others that have helped from businesses, groups and other organisations.


Northern Trust come to the rescue to help the GSPCA during an extremely busy time - could your work or business help the GSPCA?

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On Tuesday 27th June Northern Trust staff came to the rescue to help with a number of very important jobs that needed to be done that week.

Over the previous three years 106 volunteers from Northern Trust have helped out at the GSPCA, with 38 staff helping in 2014 and a further 26 helping in 2015, 34 in 2016, 8 earlier this year and an additional 8 on the 27th June.


Hot Cars Kill Dogs & hot pavements damage feet- As the hot weather continues please think of your pets

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With another roasting day ahead of us the GSPCA want to ensure all pet owners take care of their animals.

The GSPCA during hot weather always receive reports from concerned members of the public that have seen dogs locked in cars and other animals in glass houses.

The last month has been no different with dogs being reported in cars to pigs in greenhouses.

With the warm weather and direct sunlight, dogs in cars are potentially in a situation where you could kill your pet if it is left, regardless of the situation.


This Friday June 23rd is 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day' - instead of a dress down day could your dog come to work for a donation

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This Friday June 23rd is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

When adopting a dog or any animal from the GSPCA we often ask how many hours potential owners may be at work.  Perhaps the question should actually be - are you able to take your dog to work?

Discussing the benefits of taking a dog to work might just result in a match with a dog we have in for homing.


JKT is looking for the best dogs in our Fun Dog Show at our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday this weekend

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This Sunday one of Guernsey's best known voices will be joining the GSPCA at our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday to help judge our fun dog show from 12.30pm.

JKT as many of us fondly know her by has supported animal stories in many ways and a fantastic advocate for promoting kindness to animals across the Bailliwick.

You can listen to the JKT Show on BBC Guernsey each week day between 9.30am and 11am by visiting -