Janice the beautiful ferret needs a special someone

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Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant tells us about Janice the ferret “Janice is a beautiful young ferret!“

“She will be looking for her forever home very shortly.”

“She came into us as a stray, covered in ticks and thin. She was very worried when she first arrived at the shelter, which of course is understandable.”

“However, her confidence has grown SO much! She loves a cuddle and would make a perfect companion for someone!”

“If you would like to find out more information about Janice, please email us admin@gspca.org.gg or phone us on 01481 257261.”


Welfare Manager reports on the ferret neglect case in court yesterday after animals had died

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Yesterday GSPCA Welfare Manager Lorna Prince attended Court to witness the outcome of a case of neglect to ferrets here in Guernsey and reports -


Today is Ferret Day - are you celebrating with your ferret?

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Today is Ferret Day and many ferret owners will be celebrating with their wonderful pets.

In recent years we have seen a growing number of stray and unwanted ferrets and currently we have 6 ferrets in need of homes at the GSPCA.

Over the last few years the numbers of stray ferrets being found has gone up each year and we now see over 40 rescued every 12 months with the peek time being through the Summer months.

Our ferrets are neutered before rehoming and we also treat them for any other ailments they may have and we will carry out a home visit before they are homed.


Little Man & Tobias now Leo and Archie the ferrets find a loving home in Alderney

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At the GSPCA we now see over 40 ferrets coming into our care each year.

Most come in as strays and many are here for many months as we find it hard to find them loving new homes.

We were overjoyed last week when we had an enquiry from Alderney offering a home to ferrets.

With nearly 10 in our care the gentleman popped over to visit those in our care and Little Man and Tobias took his fancy.

Both ferrets made the journey with their new owner and we have just heard that they are settling well.


A businees of ferrets and a nest of rabbits in need of homes at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we often get asked about dogs and cats looking for homes, but many forget the other pets in need at the Animal Shelter.

In recent years we have seen a growing number of stray and unwanted ferrets and rabbits and currently we have 19 ferrets and 16 rabbits at the GSPCA.

Some are still in their 21 days as a stray whilst we look for their owners or on treatment, but we do have 13 rabbits and 11 ferrets in need of new homes.


Baby Ferrets found on Camp du Roi

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called out to four baby Ferrets that were spotted in the middle of the road at Camp du Roi.

The Ferrets after being rescued are now safe and sound at the GSPCA in St Andrews.

Kiperling, Nancy, Albert and Wendy are having to be part hand fed by Shelter staff and volunteers due to their young age of only 5 to 6 weeks.

The GSPCA has seen a huge increase in Ferrets this year and we have already had a number of stray youngsters through 2013.


How cute is this stray baby ferret that was found cold and very weak?

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Earlier this week late on Tuesday evening a very kind gentleman spotted this little fella at the side of the road in the St Saviours area.

Andrea as staff have named him at only just over a month isn't even old enough to be away from his mother and is needing bottle feeding by Shelter staff at the GSPCA.

Andrea arrived late in the evening and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne accepted the young ferret who was very cold, weak and quiet.

A pen was quickly set up with additional heating and Andrea thankfully pulled through the first night well.


Please don't forget them

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The GSPCA managed to rehome in excess of 300 hundred animals last year.  Monday to Saturday the GSPCA have visitors looking to adopt animals and 7 days a week we receive dozens of emails and enquires, but mostly for dogs and cats.

Unfortunately it is often forgotten that the Shelter currently has a large number of rabbits, a ferret and mouse all looking for homes, all of which are very friendly.