A very flowery thank you from the GSPCA to the OGH and GFF Gardens

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Its not all about helping animals here at the GSPCA as recently we helped home 100’s of geranium all thank to the Old Government House Hotel and GFF Gardens.

GFF Gardens help the OGH with their gardening and recently had an excess of flowers and both thought of our grounds here at the GSPCA.

We cannot thank them enough as they have brought a huge amount of colour to the site and as with all flowers help many insects and especially the many bees we see around our wonderful site.


Les Beaucamps High School Animal Magic Activities Week Students Cake Sale

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Earlier this month Les Beaucamps High School during their Animal Magic Activities Week had a wonderful students which held a cake sale to raise funds for the GSPCA.

From all the team we are hugely grateful for the amazing £68 they raised which will help the 100’s of animals in our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “A huge thanks to the students from Les Beaucamps High School who raised an amazing £68 during their Animal Magic Activities Week by having a cake sale.”


Huge thanks from the GSPCA to St Martins' Freemason Lodge for a fantastic donation

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On Wednesday 3rd April Worshipful Master Steve Martin from St Martins' Lodge No.4142 at the Masonic Centre in St Martins met Steve Byrne from the GSPCA with a wonderful donation.

On the 2nd March St Martins' Lodge No.4142 held a Ladies Night fundraiser and all had a fabulous time at Les Cotils where it was held.

The proceeds raised for the GSPCA was a fantastic £500 which was presented when they met and from all the team and animals at the GSPCA we want to say a huge thanks to all involved and supported the Ladies Night.


Huge thanks to Petplan Charitable Trust helping towards our GSPCA Urgent Kennel Appeal and dogs like Scruffy

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to the Petplan Charitable Trust.

As a result of our recent Urgent Kennel Appeal the Petplan Charitable Trust have donated £5,000 to this must needed and urgent work.

Over the last two months much needed work on the kennel floors has taken place, but this uncovered major drain and structural issues.

Our kennels which were built in 2005 had a vinyl flooring put down which had sadly got to a point recently where new flooring was desperately needed which has been taking place since mid May. 


Thank you to Island FM, Regency Bedding, Cherry Godfrey and DWA Flooring for their support from the GSPCA

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Recently Carrie O'Regan from Island FM popped into the GSPCA with a wonderful donation.

Island FM along with Regency Bedding, Cherry Godfrey and DWA Flooring have helped with some major events this year and not only helped promote them they also helped raise additional funds.

Regency Bedding with Island FM helped organise and run the Easter Eggstravaganze at Rue Mainguy in April and DWA Flooring with Island FM helped with the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday in May. At both events Island FM brought along the Cherry Godfrey Cash Shower.


Huge thanks to all involved with the Craft Stash event on Sunday at Iris and Dora from the GSPCA

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On Saturday a Craft Stash sale was organised at Iris and Dora in St Martins.

This wonderful event was run by a group of fantastic supporters to raise funds to help the GSPCA and Sarnia Guinea Pig Rescue.

Christine Guerin one of the organisors said "Well, that's our sale all done and dusted."

"What a great day we had - a big THANK YOU to everyone who came along to buy, everyone who donated items to sell and all the helpers who gave up their time."

"A big thank you also to Denyse McGahy and Paul at Iris & Dora for lending us the space."


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 10 - Could you help us with a gift from our Amazon Wish List

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We would like to say a huge thank you to all that have helped donate this year through our Amazon Wish List and here is a way you can help us make the animals in our care have a fabulous Christmas.


Thank you to Burns Pet Foods from the dogs and team at the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to say a big thank you to Burns Pet Foods.

Burns Pet Food uses the minimum of ingredients to produce maximum benefits for dogs, cats or rabbits. Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, it’s just simple, nutritious, easy to digest food for all life stages. It makes pets happy and healthy inside and out and is hypo-allergenic to suit the most sensitive stomachs.

Just before Christmas Burns Pet Foods donated a pallet full of their wonderful food which over the last few months we have used to feed the many dogs in our care.


Squids in for Olivia the turtle - A huge thank you to Waitrose from the GSPCA

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Waitrose has donated more than ten kilos of squid for Olivia the loggerhead turtle as she continues to recover at the Guernsey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA).

The endangered animal was found washed up on Guernsey’s west coast earlier this month after she was caught up in the Gulf Stream.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 17 - Secret Santa's arrive at the GSPCA with present surprises - thank you for your support

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It's nearly Christmas and Santa has come early at the GSPCA.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the kind an caring supporters who have donated a number of items recently which will help in the care of the many animals at the GSPCA.

Over the last few weeks we received lots of packages at the Shelter and when we opened them we have found all sorts of goodies from cleaning supplies to goods for the pets in our care.

In the summer we moved into our new Multi Purpose Animal Welfare Building and many of these items are helping equip it and also around site.