11 New volunteers join the GSPCA

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Last night we held our 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 and greeted 11 new faces keen to help.

The all ladies induction was taken by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who greeted the group from which the youngest was 12 and turns 13 later this month which is the age to start to help with the animals.

From gardening to caring for the animals each of the ladies were keen to help in a variety of way.

The first of the group start tomorrow morning with the others later on this month.


Gardening and Maintenance Volunteers or Groups Needed at the GSPCA

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Do you have an hour or more each week you can help us at the GSPCA?

We have a stunning site in St Andrews and have developed a number of areas for wildlife and visitors.

We are in need of volunteers to help care for the grounds and our site and would love to hear from anyone interested.

A few of the roles we are in need of help include –


Could the Volunteer Induction Evening on Monday 12 August 630pm take us to over 100 volunteers inducted this year?

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On Monday we hold 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 having inducted 87 volunteers through this years events.

We often see 10 or more new volunteers, placements, work experience and individuals looking to help us at the GSPCA and if 13 come along to the next event we will have inducted 100 volunteers through them this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot achieve so much without the incredible volunteers and team we have here at the GSPCA.”

“We love to meet new volunteers and our next induction is at 630pm on Monday 12th August.”


Another huge thanks to Man Fund Management Guernsey Limited staff for spending the day volunteering at the GSPCA

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On the 29th May 2 staff from Man Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited attended the GSPCA to give up a day in the office to help with the work around the Shelter.

The day was started with a quick induction followed by a picture at the front of the GSPCA and were then set to work with GSPCA Community and Training Officer Tim Pellett.

Tim said “It was lovely to meet the staff from Man who worked really hard helping in many areas around the GSPCA and with the animals.”


July Volunteer Inductions see 10 new keen helpers join the GSPCA team

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On Thursday evening on the 9th July and Thursday afternoon on the 18th July the GSPCA greeted 10 new volunteers between the two occasions to the team.

The first session was run by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and the afternoon session by Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant which had 8 and 2 new volunteers respectively many of which have already started helping out caring for the animals and the work of the GSPCA.


Volunteer Induction Tuesday 9th July 2019 630pm All Welcome

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Tuesday 9th July we hold our seventh volunteer induction evening of 2019 at 630pm.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said  “So far this year we have inducted 77 new volunteers through the induction evenings we have held during 2019 and many more inducted for various other placements and group days.”

"Last year through the volunteer inductions we greeted and trained 189 volunteers not to mention 100's more through other placements, voluntourists and groups."


Huge thanks to Investec staff for helping make a huge difference at the GSPCA

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Over the last week we have had three incredible teams volunteer at the GSPCA from Investec.

In all 13 staff have spent a combined 46 hours helping around the GSPCA in St Andrews.

The first group of 6 helped last Wednesday, a further 2 yesterday and we have had another 5 volunteering this morning.

Each group arrived at 9am and were greeted by GSPCA Community and Training Officer Tim Pellett.

After a quick introduction they very put straight to work, and work they did.


Green fingered Northern Trust staff helping at the GSPCA

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Last week 4 staff from Northern Trust helped out around the GSPCA.

On Monday 10th July we had 4 of the amazing Northern Trust staff spend the day gardening and helping around the Shelter.


26 staff help from BachmannHR Group Ltd at the GSPCA during #VolunteersWeek

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Earlier this month the GSPCA had 26 staff from BachmannHR Group Ltd give up a day in the office to help out at the Shelter.

The fantastic, massive group helped all around the Shelter in many different ways from gardening to painting, with the animals to cleaning.

The group arrived at 9am and were welcomed by GSPCA Community and Training Officer Tim Pellett who after introductions set them to work.

Tim Pellett said “The staff from BachmannHR Group Ltd were fantastic.”


La Mare de Carteret High School Work Experience Connor and Evie a huge help at the GSPCA

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Evie and Connor spent their work experience week 29th April to the 3rd May with us at the GSPCA and were able to work in all areas of the Shelter and get fully involved.

Every month the GSPCA hosts dozens of placements and work experience from schools and other organisations and for many this is their first ever experience of the work environment.