Amazing news the GSPCA Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday will take place in 2020 on 13 September, details to follow, ideas welcome

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Sadly earlier this year the GSPCA had to postpone the GSPCA Animal Welfare Sunday which was due to take place in May due to lockdown and the Coronavirus Crisis.

Thankfully due to Phase 5 and the amazing #GuernseyTogether spirit, events can now take place and we are delighted to announce that this wonderful and biggest event that we hold each year will indeed take place this year on Sunday 13th September 2020, and not what was being planned in 2021.


Huge thanks to 11 year old Phoebe who raised £160 for the GSPCA during lockdown

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Last week the GSPCA had a very special visitor.

Phoebe West at just 11 years of age during lock down wanted to do something to help animals and the GSPCA saw set up her own vedge hedge stall selling painted pebbles.

She raised combined with some of her own pocket money an amazing £160.

Last week Phoebe popped along to the GSPCA to meet Manager Steve Byrne.

Sally West, Phoebe’s mum said “Thank you very much for Phoebe’s goody bag, she was delighted with everything.”


Huge Thanks to Kim Who Ran 13.1 Miles for GSPCA In Memory of her Gran

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Last month we mentioned that Kim Polls on the 21st of June should have been running the Guernsey Half Marathon and she has said  “On the 21st June I should be running the Butterfield half marathon, but due to Covid-19 it has been postponed.”

“I however, will still be running the 13.1 course, albeit on my own.”

“The reason for this??  When Covid-19 hit Guernsey it changed lives.  It changed the Pols family's lives forever.”

“Losing Gran was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with.”


Guernsey Pouques Book supporting the last day to get your pictures in for #PetorateToCelebrate

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Today is the last day to send your #PetorateToCelebrate display picture to enter this wonderful fun competition by sending your picture to or on our facebook page .

Guernsey Pouques by Karen Simpson is a local book and we have kindly been supplied with this wonderful picture to help promote #PetorateToCelebrate and her book which is on sale at the GSPCA.


GSPCA urging islanders to help hedgehogs in the hot weather and take care when gardening with rising levels of strimmer injuries

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The GSPCA has been kept extremely busy with hundreds of animals arriving each month but one of the main casualties has been dehydrated and hedgehogs with extreme head wounds due to strimmers and hedges cutters.

In the last week we have rescued 16 extremely dehydrated hedgehogs, those flat and thin for their age and size, many dehydrated and those with severe maggot infested head wounds.

Gardening injuries is a huge issue for hedgehogs at this time of year and the warm weather are causing them huge challenges and the GSPCA are urging islanders to care and help save lives.


Free teddy to help #PetorateToCelebrate hidden in the hedges at the GSPCA - only a week to enter

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With less than a week to go we want you to get your entries in free of charge to enter #PetorateToCelebrate

Around the hedges of the GSPCA and at our vedge hedge stall we have hidden and placed teddies and dolls where a child can collect one for free, but donations very much appreciated at this very difficult time.


#BringYourDogtoWorkDay Friday 26th June

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All around Guernsey each year businesses and offices have had their 4 legged friends come to work and this ear Bring Your Dog To Work Day takes places today, Friday 26th June.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

When adopting a dog or any animal from the GSPCA we often ask how many hours potential owners may be at work.  Perhaps the question should actually be - are you able to take your dog to work?


Celebrate Phase 5 with #PetorateToCelebrate only a week to enter & a winner will compete in a National judging

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With only a week to go we want you to get your entries in free of charge to enter #PetorateToCelebrate

A local winner will go through to compete against entries from across the British Isles and Ireland and this is a great way to celebrate and show your support to animal charities.

When you have your #PetorateToCelebrate display up we would love to see your pictures online ideally with the hashtag #PetoratetoCelebrate


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THE GSPCA - Hot Cars Kill Dogs & hot pavements damage feet

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With yet again a stunning week in Guernsey and the warm weather the GSPCA has had a number of reports from concerned members of the public that have seen dogs locked in cars and we want to remind all pet owners of the real dangers to their pets.

The GSPCA team have already been out to many vehicles this year to reports of dogs locked inside with little or no ventilation and had further information this morning from concerned members of the public.


GSPCA take a cautious approach returning to the new normal – GSPCA Plan for our services and volunteers returning

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The GSPCA carries out a huge range of services for the community and animals in Guernsey.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Guernsey the GSPCA has continued 24/7 essential operations and we must thank the community and our team for their understanding and co-operation.

These have without doubt been the most difficult months in living memory for the team from ensuring we continue our vital work to raising the much needed funds which continues to be a real struggle due to the challenging times we find ourselves in.