Huge thanks from the GSPCA to St Martins' Freemason Lodge for a fantastic donation

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On Wednesday 3rd April Worshipful Master Steve Martin from St Martins' Lodge No.4142 at the Masonic Centre in St Martins met Steve Byrne from the GSPCA with a wonderful donation.

On the 2nd March St Martins' Lodge No.4142 held a Ladies Night fundraiser and all had a fabulous time at Les Cotils where it was held.

The proceeds raised for the GSPCA was a fantastic £500 which was presented when they met and from all the team and animals at the GSPCA we want to say a huge thanks to all involved and supported the Ladies Night.


Massive thank you to the wonderful team from Moores Hotel for the fantastic donation

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Today the team at the GSPCA got to meet 5 of the staff from Moores Hotel.

The reason for their visit was to present the GSPCA with a fabulous £605 donation raised from an event they held on Boxing Day.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager, Gemma Gaudion GSPCA Animal Care Assistant and Harley one of the in for homes dogs greeted the Moores Hotel staff and after a picture and huge thanks Steve took the group for a tour to show them how the funds will help so many animals.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It was wonderful to meet and show the Moores Hotel team around the GSPCA.”


Huge thanks to Petplan Charitable Trust helping towards our GSPCA Urgent Kennel Appeal and dogs like Scruffy

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to the Petplan Charitable Trust.

As a result of our recent Urgent Kennel Appeal the Petplan Charitable Trust have donated £5,000 to this must needed and urgent work.

Over the last two months much needed work on the kennel floors has taken place, but this uncovered major drain and structural issues.

Our kennels which were built in 2005 had a vinyl flooring put down which had sadly got to a point recently where new flooring was desperately needed which has been taking place since mid May. 


New website is launched with GSPCA Olivia the turtle appeal & the Association of Guernsey Charities &

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Yesterday GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne met with the Chairman of the Association of Guernsey Charities Peter Rose and the wonderful volunteers behind and the newly launched

The reason for the invite was to help with the media launch of this wonderful new website that will help local charities have a free way to generate donations and appeals online.


Waitrose Rohais staff get to see how well Olivia is doing and feed her some of their squid at the GSPCA

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Over the last few months the very generous Waitrose Rohais staff and store have been helping with feed for Olivia the loggerhead turtle.

Both the store and the staff have been helping donate the squid that she seems to really enjoy from the Waitrose Rohais fresh fish counter.

On Friday last week as a way of a thank you two of the Waitrose staff popped along to the GSPCA at feeding time and had the unique opportunity to feed Olivia in her enclosure at the GSPCA.


Thank you to the staff at Heritage International Fund Managers for donating to Olivia the loggerhead turtles fund to fly home

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Heritage International Fund Managers who have kindly donated a grand total of £100.

The fantastic donation was raised through their staff charity tuck shop and has been added to the funds to help Olivia the turtle fly to the Canaries.

Marcelle Belle Secretary at Heritage International Fund Managers said "The staff charity tuck shop at Heritage International Fund Managers has donated £100 to help return Olivia the turtle to her natural habitat."


TURTLE APPEAL - Please donate to help fly Olivia the loggerhead turtle from Guernsey to Gran Canaria

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To donate via to help Olivia the loggerhead turtle home please click here


Olivia the loggerhead turtle at the GSPCA is hugely grateful to the wonderful team at the Waitrose Rohais last Fish Friday

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On Fish Friday last week the wonderful and generous Waitrose Rohais staff and store helped once again towards Olivia the loggerhead turtle.

Since she started eating on her own just over 2 weeks ago she is now keen to eat all she can.

Every Friday if you have a My Waitrose card the fresh fish counters in Waitrose offer a 20% discount. On Fish Friday last week Waitrose Rohais not only donated a further 4kg of squid for Olivia the amazing staff also chipped in for a further 4kgs to help feed the loggerhead turtle at the GSPCA.


BREAKING NEWS - Olivia the Loggerhead Turtle has started eating on her own & her appeal continues to help her

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Last night Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager and a number of visitors went to turn Olivia the Loggerhead Turtles lights off and witnessed an extraordinary event.

When she was first rescued she was extremely close to death and barely breathing or moving. Over the last two months the GSPCA have been working hard to care for her but sadly she has refused to eat meaning that the team have had to feed her directly.

She continues to swim well and we  continue to appeal for funding and transportation to get her to the Canary Islands.


Olivia needs your help to get her home - loggerhead turtle donation & plane appeal

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Olivia needs your help.

Two months on and Olivia the loggerhead turtle that was found extremely close to death when she was rescued on Vazon has come to a point where she is now ready to take the next big step.

When she was found she could hardly move as she was so cold, hungry, dehydrated and weak. She is now swimming well and we now need to find her transportation to the Canary Islands.

The next big step for Olivia is to get her back to a warmer climate and a rescue centre with experience to finish her rehabilitation.