Cardiac Action Group help train the GSPCA to save human lives and use the AED purchased kindly by Investec

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The GSPCA helps save animals lives 24/7 365 days a year but without our team and supporters we couldn’t achieve so much.

Last year before the pandemic the GSPCA received a number of sessions for our team by Mike Froome from the Cardiac Action Group to help learn and for some refresh their skills in CPR and also use an AED.

The GSPCA were very kindly purchased an AED to have onsite by the wonderful Investec team and although thankfully we haven’t had to put it to use, it is an invaluable piece of equipment to have at our very busy Animal Shelter.


An amazing Ladies Lunch helps save animals lives

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On Saturday at Les Cotils a very special event was held in aid of two charities, Clic Sargent and the GSPCA.

Wend Woodcock said “On Saturday 17th April 2021, seventy-seven generous and glamorous ladies attended a fun-filled charity luncheon at Les Cotils to raise funds for the GSPCA.”

“Steve Byrne, Manager of the GSPCA, was invited to give a quick overview and informative slideshow.”

“It was an eye-opener for them to see how large the GSPCA is and the diverse work it undertakes daily.”


Local artist Tiffany Anna to launch ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ art exhibition

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Welcome to the Jungle is the second exhibition in the pipeline for local artist Tiffany Anna. Tiffany has always had a creative flair but picked up her brushes properly during the first lockdown last Spring, she has since gone on a journey of artistic discovery, developing her technique and individual style. Located in Fountain Street, Tiffany’s recently re-branded studio come gallery is now the hub for her creativity. It is easy to spot her brightly coloured window displays and ultra-modern store exterior when driving down to the seafront.


£100 raised from Easter gifts by 4 kind children

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Yesterday 4 young children visited the GSPCA with an amazing £100 donation raised through Easter gifts they made and sold on the GSPCA Vedge Hedge Stall at our front gate.

Libby 11, Benjamin 9, Darcie 7 and Freddi-Jayne 6 came along yesterday and gifted the wonderful donation to GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “A huge thank you to Libby, Benjamin, Darcie  and Freddi-Jayne for the amazing Easter sewn toys to eggs in wrappers they made, wrapped and placed on the GSPCA Hedge Vedge Stall.”


Brownie Edie Hamon surprises the team at the GSPCA

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On Monday the GSPCA team had a wonderful visit from Edie Hamon who is a 9 year old from 9th St Mathews Brownies.

Edie is working towards her charity badge and as part of her visit wrote a Thank You card with the following words –

‘Thank You


I have chosen the GSPCA as my charity for my Brownie Charities Badge. I like animals and wanted to help. I have told my family and friends what I am doing and how we can help and I am bringing up the hampers I have put together. I hope this helps the GSPCA and thank you for all your hard work.

Lots of love


Thanks to St James for allowing the GSPCA to raise funds through ‘Coat Safe’

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Last Saturday GSPCA team members Michelle Champion and Suzy Rose spent the evening at the wonderful St James.

The reason was we were kindly invited to look after the visitors coats for a donation that were attending the Studio 54 - Disco Inferno event.

Michelle and Suzy had a lovely evening meeting such kind supporters and raised an amazing £500.

Michelle Champion said “A huge thanks to St james and all those that left their coats with us and donated to the GSPCA we cannot thank you enough.”


Huge thanks for the recent kind gifts and donations and this wonderful Vet Bed from our Amazon wish List

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With over 300 animals in our care and over 3000 through our doors each year there are many things we use and need 24/7 365 days a year.

There are many ways to support our work and every penny makes a  huge difference but there are a huge range of other ways in which you can support our work and help us care for the animals at the GSPCA.


SPRING ADVICE – Ducks & Ducklings

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During Spring and Summer abandoned ducklings for one reason or another sometimes find themselves separated from their mother and the rest of their brood.

 This may be for a variety of reasons such as: 


Happy Easter from the GSPCA & an IMPORTANT Message this Easter as we need to keep our pets safe

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 With another year with restrictions and tens of thousands of us at home this Easter across the Bailiwick of Guernsey you could be putting your pet at risk at if you feed your pet chocolate intended for people or they manage to find those carefully hidden from the children, as many of us might be planning our home Easter Egg Hunt as with the Coronavirus restrictions hunts are cancelled across the islands.

Across the Bailiwick we are all stocking up Easter eggs and chocolate as gifts for family and loved ones, but the GSPCA has an important message for pet owners.


Good Friday is Ferret Day and many ferret owners will be celebrating with their wonderful pets.

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Every year the GSPCA helps dozens of ferrets and Good Friday is their special day.

At the GSPCA we currently have 7 ferrets in need of homes and your support.

Pictured is Benji just one of those ferrets.

Our ferrets are neutered before rehoming and we also treat them for any other ailments they may have and we will carry out a home visit before they are homed.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Good Friday is Ferret Day and every year we help find dozens of them new and loving homes."