GSPCA Launch Buy a Brick for the Proposed New Wildlife Hospital

Submitted by Steve on 09:57, 2nd Oct, 2018 | 0

If you have visited one of the GSPCA recent events or stalls you may well have learned of the newly launched ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign to help the GSPCA achieve the propose new Wildlife Hospital.

The GSPCA currently treat over 2,000 wild animals and birds each year, this number continues to increase and our existing facilities can’t cope with the increase in demand, and are not fit for purpose.  They desperately need a radical reorganisation and updating.


Guernsey Gaming Fest' 2018 - Tag Team Tournament Saturday 11th August in aid of the GSPCA New Wildlife Hospital

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Guernsey Gaming for Good are asking you to join them for three 2 VS 2 Gaming Tournaments, including: