5 New volunteers are welcomed to the GSPCA team - #VolunteersWeek

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Last night we held our sixth volunteer induction of 2018 which took place during National Volunteers Week.

The induction will took place with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who greeted the 5 new volunteers with a few of their friends.

The group learnt all about who we are, what we do, the ways volunteers can help and an induction of how to help safely.


Over 200 new volunteers trained in 2017 and the first 2018 induction on Wednesday 10th January

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Last month the GSPCA ran the 14th and final volunteer induction of 2017 and in total inducted and trained over 300 new volunteers and helpers through the year from Corporate Social Responsibility days to individuals that help each week.

The GSPCA have planned out the dates for 2018 and the first takes place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 10th January 2018 at the GSPCA in St Andrews.


Oak Trust Guernsey staff making a difference at the GSPCA

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On the 3rd November a team of staff from Oak Trust Guernsey gave up an afternoon in the office to help the GSPCA.


EY CI volunteers help out at the GSPCA

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At the end of July 18 EY staff came along to the GSPCA to help with grounds around site at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Anoushka Horgan, Alannah Minto, Latoya Copsie, Anna-Kay Aitken, Jemma Green, Toby Belton, Adam Smith, Hannah Campbell, Sophie Cowley, Tom Honour, Patrick Swan, Oliver Tonge, George Steventon, Mikey Wildman, Molly Hamilton, Steph Skiming, Rose Ahier and Glenn Horman all came along to help out with a kind donation that helped buy equipment for the team of wonderful volunteers from Ernst & Young LLP to help around the grounds at the GSPCA.


A huge thank you to Rachele Nolan for nearly 4 months of 5 days a week volunteering at the GSPCA who flies home to South Africa

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All of the team are really going to miss Rachele Nolan who has been an amazing part of the team for the last 4 months.

Since March this year Rachele has been helping all day Monday to Friday and even a few weekends at the GSPCA.

Rachele has been visiting family here in Guernsey but during her visit she wanted to volunteer out at the Animal Shelter so after her induction she started back in March and ever since has been a huge help to the team and hundreds of animals in our care.


12 new volunteers join the team at the GSPCA - next induction Tuesday 11th July 630pm & Wednesday 19th at 3pm

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On Wednesday the GSPCA welcomed 12 new volunteers wanting to help animals and the Shelter in Guernsey.

Seb, Mya, Charlotte, Catherine, Daniel, Gillian, Daffy, Bryony, Sue, Andrea, Vivien and James arrived at 630pm where they were greeted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.

The induction took just over 90 minutes as Steve talked to the group about our work, how each can volunteer and working safely for the GSPCA.

At the end of the training each were presented with a certificate and had a chat with Steve to set a date to start.


Thank you to the staff from Aon helping volunteer at the GSPCA

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Last Wednesday 8 volunteers from the Aon Insurance Managers (Guernsey) Limited (Aon) spent the day helping at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey.

From the GSPCA and all of our team we would like to thank the Aon staff for all of their help.


Thank you to the wonderful team at the Medical Specialist Group who helped out at the GSPCA on a very busy day

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On Saturday 29th April 7 volunteers from the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) spent the day helping at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey.

This is the fourth year in a row the MSG staff have helped at the GSPCA are we are extremely grateful for their help and their support.


State Street team up with the Work to Benefit team to make repairs at the GSPCA

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On the 27th and 29th April a team from State Street joined the GSPCA to help out and renew fences in desperate need.

The area contains the rehabilitation aviaries and is used to help birds of prey, baby birds, gulls, hedgehogs and more to rehabilitate as well as the occasional poultry or duck.

Not only did the team from State Street repair and put up the fences they donated the funds to enable the essential work to take place.


Two fantastic work experience Charles Allen and Bethany Shackcloth from Les Beaucamps enjoy their week at the GSPCA

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Last month a young man and a young lady interested in an animal care career spent a week experiencing work and helping out at the GSPCA.

Charles Allen and Bethany Shackcloth from Les Beaucamps High spent a four long shifts working with the team at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Where as many of their fellow students were carrying out work experience 9am to 5pm, Charles and Bethany although only worked a 4 day week their shifts were much longer being from 8am in the morning until 6pm at night as the staff at the GSPCA have to work long days to care for the animals.