Dexter the young cat really loving life in his new home

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You may have seen our two recent posts on older cats desperately in need of homes and how Spud and Dexter are settling well in their forever homes.

This is Dexter one of our rare younger recent residents that as you can see is loving his wonderful new home.

It is great that we see very few kittens in need or suffering, but this does mean we don’t often have many young cats in need of homes, but we certainly have many older cats needing that special someone.


Bandit another older cat very happy in his new home

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You may have just seen the story on Spud a 15 year old cat now happy in his forever home. We recently had another update from a cat called Bandit.

Anna Paint Senior Animal care Assistant said “Bandit was an 11year old cat that when he arrived needed a bit of dental work.”

“Older cats very often need very special homes which are few and far to find but after 6 months of care we found this lovely cat just the right home.”


Spud an older cat happy in his new home

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Finding the older cats new homes in Guernsey is often a struggle and no more so than for the lovely Spud.

It took over 7 months for us to find this loving wonderful cat his forever home which we are delighted to say he is doing very well in.

Anna Paint Senior Animal care Assistant said “Spud was with us for 7 months before he went to his forever home and we are delighted to say he is doing very well and we are getting lots of updates as his new Dad is one of our wonderful volunteers.”


12 year old Tiger happy in his new home

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This Summer Tiger a 12 year old tabby cat found his forever home and we recently got a wonderful update on how he is settling into his new home.

His new owner said “Tiger is settling in beautifully!”

“As you can see from the attached photo he is very happy in his new bed, loves to have cuddles watching the t.v., and is having great fun playing with the child.”

Anna Paint Senior Animal care Assistant said “It is so lovely to see Tiger so happy in his new home.”


Blind cat Bertie has been through so much and needs a very special home

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This Spring a lovely cat called Bertie came into our care.

The 7 year old cat was found as a stray with a number of health problems including his eyes not being in good health.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant tells us of Berties story “Bertie came in to us as a stray in May and straight away we realised that he had a problem with his eye sight and he was in a poor condition, Bertie was sent straight to the vets to get checked over as blindness in cats can be caused by a number of issues.”


Tiger the loving cat adores his new forever home

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We always love to hear how animals adopted from the GSPCA and here is a little update from Tiger the cats new home.

New owner Di Lihou said “Very happy to say Tiger has settled in with us very quickly and is such a loving and affectionate cat who loves loads of attention.”

“We were keen to rehome a cat from the GSPCA as have had one from you in the past and they have always been happy and well looked after.”

Ali Le Huray GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Tiger was such a loving cat and its great to hear and see that he is very happy in his new home.”


Please donate to loving Amballes the stray cats surgery who was hit by a car

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On Saturday 25th May a white and black cat was hit by a car and rushed to the vets.

Amballes as the cat has been named was rescued by the GSPCA Warden on Les Amballes in St Peter Port and sadly has no chip or owner come forward.

The cat has been at the vets since Saturday and requires a huge amount of surgery to survive.

You can donate to her much needed operation by visiting –


Benny the cat writes to the GSPCA to let us know how he is doing in his new home

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At the GSPCA the team love to hear how the animals are doing that have been adopted and we wanted to share this wonderful letter from Benny a cat that was recently rehomed -

‘Dear Steve and Anna

As promised I am writing to let you know how I am getting on in my new home.

I've been here a week now and settling in very well.

I was very timid on the first day and took a few hours to even venture very far from my cat box.


Two cats urgently in need of a loving new home

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The GSPCA have been asked to help spread the word to help two cats find a very special home.

Here are the details –

Alfie (black) and Indie (grey) are two 7 year old, indoor cats looking for a new home.

Sadly, due to health issues the owner is moving to Perth, Australia and she cannot take them with her as they would not manage the trip and months in quarantine.


GSPCA helps 100s of cats every year hit by cars or killed on the roads of Guernsey

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146 years ago when the GSPCA was first founded road traffic incidents were something that know one would have understood and comprehended but in the fast world we now live sadly here in Guernsey they are all too common place.

In fact just last night another fatality occurred of a young cat which the GSPCA rushed too but sadly it was too late and nothing could be done.

Over recent years the GSPCA have seen anywhere between 150 and 300 cats killed on the roads of Guernsey every year and sadly far many death is very swift often through no fault of the driver.