GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 19 – Christmas Dress Up Yourself & Pet for the GSPCA Day – did you join Ceva & the GSPCA?

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Today GSPCA and Ceva have been celebrating in a festive spirit to raise funds for animals in Guernsey and we hope you joined in the fun with you or your pet dressing in Christmas attire.

You can still donate or raise funds as the Ceva team have already created their very own Just Giving page in aid of the GSPCA to help animals like Temperance the seal pup and the 100’s of other animals -


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 18 - Appeal for towels

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At the GSPCA we are in desperate need of towels.

With over 500 animals in our care and many wet, cold and injured being found we see an increase in their use at this time of year.

With our seal pups Trevor and Temperance they too are in need of towels for their pens and handling.

We also need sheets and blankets to help keep our animals warm this Christmas.

If you can help please drop them into the GSPCA ideally between 9am and 5pm although there is someone at the Shelter on Rue des Truchots in St Andrews 24/7.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 17 - Cuddly Festive Animal Toys on sale £3 each

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Every day in the run up to Christmas the GSPCA Shop and Charity Shop is open. On sale we have all sorts including these lovely little festive animals for just £3 each.

Today we are open 11am until 4pm and week days 9am until 5pm pop in for a great bargain as we have a sale in our Charity Shop with 20% off now.

We have items for your loved ones and pets and don't forget you can visit the GSPCA and see some of the animals for £2 between 11am and 4pm every day except Christmas Day.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 16 - Festive Opening Times at the GSPCA & Guided Tours

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Please remember that in the case of an emergency, sick, injured or stray animal(s) please call 01481 257261 and choose the 24 hour emergency option.

The GSPCA officially stop rehoming on the 15th December until the 2nd January, but some animals may be suitable during these periods. The GSPCA do not believe in pets as presents and each home is looked at individually as is the pet.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 15 - Christmas Elf Flumpets on sale for £2.50

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On sale today at the GSPCA we have Christmas Elf Flumpets for just £2.50 each.

A great gift or present these little elves are on sale at our reception for just £2.50 each.

There are 20 elves in a box and if you have a work place or shop that could sell these cute little Christmas flumpets to raise funds for the GSPCA then please do call us on 257261 or email

Our reception and shop area is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 14 - Check out our Amazon Wish List & help animals in need this Christmas

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Are you in the festive mood and looking to help those in need?

We have lots of great gifts and items on our Amazon Wish List that would help the 500+ animals in our care at the GSPCA.

One item we have been trailing are perspex clear sheets on some of the cats pens with great success.  Each cat pen has an outside section and we have found that hanging the perspex panels on the mesh the cats still have a lovely view and plenty of fresh air while keeping the worst of the weather out.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 13 – Head Cold? GSPCA Caps on sale for only £8.50

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With the cold weather we have been putting warnings out and advice to help animals but please don’t forget your own well being.

It’s rather cold and we have a number of GSPCA Baseball Caps on sale for just £8.50 at the Shelter in St Andrews and you can see them and other products on our online shop

As a gift or for yourself we have a range of GSPCA goods on sale.

Other ways to support the GSPCA this Christmas are –


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 12 - Pop along to The Town Church Charity Christmas Tree Festival

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Have you been to the Town Church Charity Christmas Tree Festival yet?

Over 40 fantastic trees raising funds local good causes.

On until the 29th December if you are in St Peter Port please check out the fantastic displays including the GSPCA tree dressed by team members Helen Holmes and Michelle Champion.

The event raises funds for all of the good causes with trees so please donate kindly to help all of those involved.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 11 - Last Volunteer Induction of 2017 tonight at 630pm

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Tonight is the last volunteer induction of 2017

This year we have held 15 volunteer inductions taking this years inducted volunteers to a total of 169 not including others that have helped from businesses, groups and other organisations.

Although volunteering at the Animal Shelter starts at 13 for those under 13 they are always welcome to attend and get involved with events and fund raising.

It all takes place at the GSPCA from 630pm and all are welcome. It takes around 90 minutes and includes an induction video, talk and certificate.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 10 – Buy a plant for our Memorial Garden this Christmas

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This December the Work to Benefit team and St Andrews Floral Group are helping the GSPCA improve the Memorial Garden on site.

For nearly 145 years the GSPCA has helped and continues to help thousands of islanders each year with the death of their pet.

On site at the GSPCA we have a Memorial Garden area which we have been working to improve thanks to many kind donations and support.

We are at a stage where we are looking to purchase plants and shrubs to help landscape the area and make it a pleasant and comfortable place to sit and reflect past pets and loved ones.