Winter weather taking its toll at the GSPCA – could you help donate to make repairs, help the animals & wish list

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Today the GSPCA have been battling with burst pipes as the cold weather continues with the extremely icy weather.

At present two outside pipes have suffered due to the elements and the team are braced for potential further problems.

The GSPCA have been at the current site for 89 years this year and some of the buildings and services date back to the 1940’s.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 14 - Check out our Amazon Wish List & help animals in need this Christmas

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Are you in the festive mood and looking to help those in need?

We have lots of great gifts and items on our Amazon Wish List that would help the 500+ animals in our care at the GSPCA.

One item we have been trailing are perspex clear sheets on some of the cats pens with great success.  Each cat pen has an outside section and we have found that hanging the perspex panels on the mesh the cats still have a lovely view and plenty of fresh air while keeping the worst of the weather out.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 10 - Could you help us with a gift from our Amazon Wish List

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We would like to say a huge thank you to all that have helped donate this year through our Amazon Wish List and here is a way you can help us make the animals in our care have a fabulous Christmas.


Le Friquet Garden Centre and a wonderful donation from our Amazon Wish List help Olivia the loggerhead turtle

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Today has been a wonderful day for Olivia the loggerhead turtle as two amazing donations help with her care while we await the Cites paperwork to enable her to travel and fund raise so we can transport her.

In this mornings post a very kind member of public has purchased an additional heater from our Amazon Wish List and also today Le Friquet Garden Centre have donated a fantastic large pond filter.

Now that Olivia is eating as much as she can the new filter and heater will add to the already wonderful donations of other equipment that enable us to care for her.


Busy day at the GSPCA as we prepare for two amazing donations of help from GFF Flooring and the Co-op Helping Hands

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Today the GSPCA team have been very busy preparing and clearing areas for work to be carried out tomorrow.

We are hugely grateful to GFF Flooring who are donating and fitting flooring to our Hospital area and thanks to a grant from the Co-op Helping Hands they are also fitting a new floor in the ferret room both of which are desperately needed due to the aged floors they currently have.

With the lovely weather many of the animals have gone into outside cages and aviaries and others have gone into other sections of the GSPCA.


Thank you to Burns Pet Foods from the dogs and team at the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to say a big thank you to Burns Pet Foods.

Burns Pet Food uses the minimum of ingredients to produce maximum benefits for dogs, cats or rabbits. Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, it’s just simple, nutritious, easy to digest food for all life stages. It makes pets happy and healthy inside and out and is hypo-allergenic to suit the most sensitive stomachs.

Just before Christmas Burns Pet Foods donated a pallet full of their wonderful food which over the last few months we have used to feed the many dogs in our care.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Christmas Day - Bouan Noué! Merry Christmas from all the team & animals at the GSPCA

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Bouan Noué! Merry Christmas from all the team & animals at the GSPCA.

Steve and all the team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

At the Shelter the team are working 24/7 to care for the 300 animals at the Shelter and we would like to thank everyone for their kind to donations to brighten the animals Christmas day.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "From all at the GSPCA a very Merry Christmas and a huge thank you for the many gifts and donations for the 100's of animals in our care."


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 24 Christmas Eve - Could your business or group support the GSPCA in 2016?

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There are many ways in which your business can get involved with supporting the GSPCA and it provides an excellent opportunity for companies to reach out to animal lovers and find an audience that believes deeply in Animal Welfare. 

There are many ways to get involved and sponsorship opportunities are available and can be tailored to fit the joint needs and focus of both your company and the GSPCA. 


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 22 - Could you give a gift to the 100's of animals in our care this Christmas?

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With hundreds of animals in our care this Christmas, could help give them a special day?

If you would like to buy a gift for the animals in our care this Christmas to help make their day you can do so from purchasing an item from our shop or any local store.

Some of the ideal gifts and items we love for the animals in our care are


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 20 - Oatlands Christmas Fayre today - please pop by to see the many stalls

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Today is our very last off site fund raiser of 2015 and we are joining the many market stall holders at Oatlands who are donating their pitch fees to help the animals at the GSPCA.

If you can help volunteer we would really appreciate it and we will be setting up from 9am and will have games and a few goods on sale until 4pm.

We hope to see you there and a huge thank you to Oatlands and the stall holders for their support.