Can you help Monkey the diabetic cat - APPEAL for a poorly cat

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At the end of May a lovely 9 year old cat came into the GSPCA after her owner could no longer care for her.

Sadly 'Monkey' as she is called has diabetes and needs a specialist diet and injections twice a day.

We have seen many diabetic cats at the GSPCA over the years and the most famous of all is Mr Chips a big silver tabby who is doing very well in his home as we still get regular updates from them.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We have to monitor Monkey regularly and ensure she has a special food, but she is adorable"


Stray cat Rubis isn't over the worst yet and needs your help

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Last month Rubis an entire black and white stray cat was handed into the GSPCA.

Full of cuts and bites this very affectionate cat that had no chip or collar came in with a number of injuries.

Inline with the 2012 legislation every stray animal including cats have to be held for 21 days whilst we try and find their owner.

Sadly with no microchip, collar or anyone coming forward for Rubis he hasn't been claimed.

During his time at the Shelter we have found that Rubis with his lovely friendly nature and his wounds now healed has other health issues.


Thank you to NGIT for much needed Wish List items

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Last week NGIT kindly donated 5 refurbished PC's to the GSPCA.

The GSPCA are extremely grateful to NGIT for the much needed equipment.

The equipment will be deployed around site to replace a number of computers that are extremely old.

The GSPCA use computers and software around the Shelter to keep the records of the 1000's of animals that come through our doors, the lost and found records and much more.


Our first Christmas surprise from Situations Recruitment - Thank you from all at the GSPCA

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Yesterday GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne was asked to pop along to Situations Recruitment to meet Directors Jenny Mitchell and Melissa Campbell.

Not knowing the reason why Steve made his way in the wind and rain to their office near Market Square.


5 young ladies hold a Cake Sale to raise funds for the GSPCA

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Earlier this week 5 young ladies popped into the GSPCA to donate the proceeds of a Cake Sale they had arranged to raise funds for the many animals at the Shelter.

Mia Le Tissier, Bea Pope, Megan Redwood, Imogen Collis and Suranne popped in on Tuesday to gift the grand total of £68 which they had raised themselves.

Whilst at the Shelter they had a chance to see the Art work on Show many of the animals and even got a certificate and gift each for all of their hard work.


Thank you to St Johns Community Centre

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The GSPCA would like to thank St Johns Community Centre for their very kind donation of £900 earlier this year to help the work of the Animal Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'It was extremely kind for the St John's Community Centre committee to nominate the GSPCA as one of their chosen charities for the money they had raised.'

'A Every penny makes a huge difference and we are extremely grateful to them for this very exogenous donation and it will certainly help the thousands of animals we help every year.'


A way to make more of your 2012 donations - Did you know about Tax Relief for Guernsey Registered Charities?

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In September 2009 the States of Guernsey agreed to change the way in which tax relief is given in respect of donations to Guernsey Registered Charities (GRC).

Previously income tax relief was only available to individuals who made payments under an irrevocable Deed of Covenant in favour of a Guernsey Registered Charity for a period in excess of 3 years; no relief was available to Guernsey resident individuals in respect of noncovenanted donations to Guernsey charities.

In summary, the new system works as follows:


Thank you to students from Les Beaucamps High School

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On Wednesday the 18th July a group of students from Les Beacamps High Year 10 organised a biathlon to raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

Andrew Wilkinson and friends Kieran Torode, Josh Tucker and Sam Le Ray departed on bike from Vale Church and rode to the Imperial Hotel.  They then walked the rest of the way to Jerbourg Point.

They left at 10am on the Wednesday got to their final destination around 3pm.


Thinking of a Christmas present for yourself or a loved one? Gift Certificates & Guided Tours on sale at the GSPCA

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For only five pounds you can buy a gift certificate that will give one of the animals in our care a fantastic Christmas.

That’s right you will receive a certificate for yourself or someone you care for and that will enable us at the Shelter to give the animals in our care a very special Christmas Day.


The GSPCA are Appealing for Tombola Donations for Sundays Round Table Christmas Fayre at Beau Sejour

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The GSPCA is appealing for bottles and prizes for our Tombola Stall that we will have at the the Guernsey Round Table Christmas Fayre will be held at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre from 10 am to 4 pm this weekend on Sunday 18th November 2012.

If you can help please pop any donations up to the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.  If you have any time and would like to help on the stall please contact Welfare and Education Officer Emma Trousdale by calling the Shelter 01481 257261 or email

Entry to the Christmas Fayre is free.