Joey the Jersey seal pup is strong enough to have his first dip in Guernsey water

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Today we are pleased to update that Joey the Jersey grey seal pup is doing so well that he has gone for his first dip in one of our rehabilitation pools at the GSPCA.

Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals at the GSPCA said  “After weeks in the intensive care room today Joey got his first swim and jumped straight in and has been in and out all day.”

“He is doing very well and being very naughty pulling whatever he can into the pool.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Such great news that Joey has had his first dip in Guernsey water today at the GSPCA.”


What looks like Palm Oil once again spotted along the Guernsey coast & Dog Owners Warned of Substance on Beaches

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It seems like a yearly occurrence sadly that we have to warn dog owners of the presence of a waxy substance along our coast line which could well be Palm Oil once again.

The public is advised not to remove the palm oil but anyone who has picked any up should double wrap it in plastic and dispose of it with their normal refuse.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have heard reports of the white oily substance being seen along our coast here in Guernsey and we are asking all dog owners are being vigilant.”


GSPCA join the Town Church Christmas Tree Festival with a locally grown Christmas tree - find out how to get yours

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Once again the Town Church is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival featuring trees decorated by local and international charities between the 8t December and 4th January, 8.30am to 5pm (open until late on 8th and 15th for late night shopping).

Entry is free so please pop in to see the trees and enjoy some refreshments when you are in Town.

The GSPCA have joined the festival with a locally grown Christmas Tree which was cut on Sunday and set up ready for the opening of this wonderful event.


Extremely sad news as Dakota the seal pup passes away

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Last night the GSPCA team were devastated as Dakota the grey seal pup passed away.

Found emaciated and with a number of ailments Dakota had been receiving treatment and around the clock care.

Despite making it through the first night Dakota passed away late last night.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are extremely saddened to have to let everyone know that Dakota the grey seal pup passed away last night.”


Dakota the Guernsey seal pup rescued near the Fairy Ring

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called to a sighting of a grey seal pup.

GSPCA team member Sarah Langlois was the first on the scene to a thin, poorly grey seal pup at only a few weeks of age.

She immediately called Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals at the GSPCA who confirmed the pup was emaciated and in need of emergency care.

The pup was transported by the GSPCA Animal Ambulance yesterday afternoon from Pleinmont to the GSPCA seal facility in St Andrews where he has been receiving around the clock care and has been named Dakota.


Joey the Jersey seal pup update after 2 weeks of care at the GSPCA

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Two weeks ago British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Jersey rescued a poorly seal pup spotted on Les Écréhous.

Joey at a very thin 18kgs was cared for over night at New Era Vets before being transported to Guernsey.

To donate to his care please visit

Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals at the GSPCA said “Joey continues to improve and we are caring for him around the clock.”


Locally grown Christmas Festive Trees in aid of GSPCA selling fast contact Tim for more details

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Locally grown Christmas or Festive Trees have been selling fast over the last few days.

Tim Pellett GSPCA Training and Community Officer said “Anyone interested in buying a locally grown Blue Spruce needs to give the Shelter a call on 257261 or email me on .”

“We have sold all the good shaped smaller trees but still have quite a number of very large trees.”


Wish List thanks and this Black Friday help give a Merry Christmas to animals at the GSPCA

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Many will be shopping online over the coming days and searching for bargains as gifts.

Have you thought of the hundreds of animals in our care this Christmas and the incredibly difficult year we have all faced and bringing some joy and helping animals at the GSPCA?

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “After the hardest year we have ever faced in living memory at the GSPCA for so many reasons maybe you can help bring some Christmas cheer to the animals in our care.”


Olly McTolly the Razorbill released back to the wild

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On the evening of the 9th October GSPCA Ambulance Warden was called out in the dark to rescue an oiled Razorbill found at L’Eree.

The stormy Winter weather often stirs up oil from the seabed causing wildlife harm and Olly McTolly as the bird was called when found was rushed to the GSPCA where GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne checked the poorly bird in and provided the initial first aid with the Ambulnace Warden.


GSPCA ADVICE Protect your birds from H5N8 avian influenza

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The GSPCA are urging bird owners to protect their pets.

With growing numbers of cases of H5N8 avian influenza throughout the UK their Animal & Plant Department Agency have been sending out weekly notifications of new cases in both wild and domestic birds with the most recent case today in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Recently the States of Guernsey States Vets published this information on their facebook page -