Covid-19 and Pets and livestock guidance and importation into Guernsey and precautions at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are having to work very carefully in relation to Covid-19 as our work includes stray dogs from households that are carrying out their isolation time, animals being brought into Guernsey from both the UK and further afield, not mention our work at the borders.

We are often getting questions about animals and the rules here in Guernsey, especially in relation to transporting animals into Guernsey.


WATCH OUT for online scammers selling puppies, kittens and other animals

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The GSPCA has been made aware of possible scams of unscrupulous individuals advertising pictures of puppies for sale in attempt to deceive those looking for a new 4 legged friend.

Covid has affected the world in many ways and trying to find a new pet is more difficult now than it has been for many years.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “At the GSPCA we are extremely concerned about reports of people falsely advertising animals online to try and deceive people looking for a new pet out of their money.”


Could you 'Trick or Pet Treat' this Halloween & collect for animals at the GSPCA & safety tips

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Every year many children with parents or guardians head out at Halloween on the 31st October dressed up to celebrate the American tradition of 'Trick or Treat'.

With the growing concern of the consumption of sweets and sugar why not this Halloween raise funds for charity.

With the dark evenings it is important to ensure you follow some simple safety hints and tips, but this year could your Halloween night out help benefit the hundreds of animals in need in Guernsey. 


GSPCA ADVICE - Watch out for oiled and injured sea birds after the recent stormy weather

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With the recent stormy weather we have seen many many sick and injured seabirds and at the GSPCA.

To donate to the care of these birds please visit   

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “The recent rough weather has really hit our seabirds and we have had many in thin, tired and one that was oiled.”

Beckie Bailey Animal Care Assistant said “Today we have had a young Shag rescued that is not strong enough to be out in the wild.”


GSPCA Honey on sale thanks to the Guernsey Beekeepers Association training apiary

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This week GSPCA Honey has gone on sale at the GSPCA for £6 a jar.

On site at the GSPCA the Guernsey Beekeepers Association have a training apiary and have been on site with us since the 16th May 2017.

There are a number of hives and the Guernsey Beekeepers use the GSPCA for training their members and those interested and they hold a number of events at the GSPCA each year.


Dandelion the mystic bunny and her Guernsey Election 2020 predications

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Have you seen the video released on the Orchard PR facebook page last night?

Earlier this week team members from Orchard came to visit the most mystical animal we have at the GSPCA.

The team decided that was Dandelion a female rabbit who lives with another called Nettles both of which are in need of a new home.

Dandelion made 5 choices from the 118 candidates standing in the 2020 Election running for office.


Last of 2020 Candidate tours at the GSPCA

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Each morning this week Candidates from the 2020 Election visited the GSPCA and over the 5 days we welcomed 23 of the 118 Candidates who kindly took time as part of their Campaign to visit us here in St Andrews.


6 more 2020 Candidates visit the GSPCA and last chance tomorrow for those not yet booked in

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Each morning this week Candidates from the 2020 Election are visiting the GSPCA and so far 18 of the 118 Candidates have kindly taken time as part of their Campaign to visit us here in St Andrews.


GSPCA Advice - With stormy weather keep an eye out for seal pups in need

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Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see Grey Seal pups being born and the GSPCA are issuing advice today on what to do especially with the rough weather that is due.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “With the stormy weather due and seal pup season upon us around our shores the GSPCA are asking islanders to be vigilant when around the coast.”


Third day of 2020 Election Candidates visiting the GSPCA

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Each morning this week Candidates from the 2020 Election are visiting the GSPCA.

On Monday Yves Le Normand, Craig Bougord and Simon de la Mare had a tour of the GSPCA with Manager Steve Byrne and Training and Community Officer Tim Pellett and Tuesday was the turn of Steve Falla and Sian Jones.

Today saw the largest group of 7 which included Simon Fairclough, Garry Collins, Charles Parkinson, Sarah Breton, Neil Cave, Sam Haskins and Ivan Rihoy.