Merry Christmas from all at the GSPCA, opening times and advice on how to keep your pets safe
Posted by Steve on 23rd Dec, 2021 |
Christmas is a wonderful time of year – but not always for your pets! Every year the GSPCA has reported incidents of pets putting their safety at risk. Here are some tips from the GSPCA to keep your pets safe. Please keep them away from - Alcoholic beverages Chocolate (highly toxic to pets) Coffee...
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GSPCA devastated as Oscar Puff the oiled puffin dies
Posted by Steve on 17th Dec, 2021 |
The GSPCA were devasted recently as despite making it through the first two days Oscar Puff passed away. The signs and symptoms sadly displayed were that of a bird that ingested too much oil and despite around the clock intensive care and treatment we were unable to save the stunning tiny little...
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Titan from Guernsey and Pork Pie originally from Cornwall the Grey Seal Pups back in the wild
Posted by Steve on 16th Dec, 2021 |
Earlier today with the good weather it was decided to release Pork Pie and Titan two young grey seal pups back to the wild. To make a donation to help the seals in our care please go to 
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First Herm rescue seal pup Jagho Herman and first Guernsey pup of the season Luna C
Posted by Steve on 15th Dec, 2021 |
Last week the GSPCA warned of the dangers of the stormy weather and sadly two orphaned grey seal pups were the result. On Saturday the GSPCA had a report of a seal pup hauled up between Fort Doyle and La Fontenelle Bay, so Geoff George headed out to check out what had been seen with his partner...
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Its time to claim the gift aid tax if you have donated between £500 and £7500 to help Guernsey charities
Posted by Steve on 9th Dec, 2021 |
In 2021 you may have heard that the upper limit has been increased to £7500 which means even more help to support good causes with the lower limit from £500. For 2021 it still is from £500 and is up to £7500 and here are the details - Steve...
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