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Earlier this week GSPCA staff were called out to help rescue a Bird of Prey.

On arriving at the scene at La Coudre, St Pierre Du Bois GSPCA staff member Annabelle Janes was shown the way to where the Bird had been found.

She quickly secured the very distressed Bird and made her way directly to Eturs Vets.

On closer inspection the Bird was identified as a Buzzard which had been shot by an air gun or rifle through the right shoulder.

The shot was confirmed after an x-ray and the bird also has a number of other health issues including fly strike due to the entry wound.

Jimmy as he has been named is currently in an Intensive Care Unit and requires regular injections and treatment but is responding well and soon will be in an aviary for his rehabilitation.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are extremely concerned that anyone could shot such a wonderful bird.'

'We are appealing for information for anyone who knows anything about this case as without doubt this poor bird had been suffering for sometime before we were able to rescue him.'

'If anyone has any information on this or any cruelty case to animals please call us on 01481 257261.'

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"Hi, not really any help about buzzard but makes me mad as we have one in our fields most days and I had not seen him since mindless idiots were shooting (Torteval, Les Tielles) from 6.45am Tues 1st Oct but I have now seen him today (first time since Tuesday) so he/she was not the victim. However I was returning some horse clippers to someone in St Peters (La Cache Lane/La Pomme)area today around 4pm and there was shooting. The lady there said there had been shooting on Tuesday since 6.15am she also noticed that there were usually a pair of buzzards but now just one, 'eeking' while flying. So we wondered if one shot had a mate? The mindless idiots shooting in Torteval on Tuesday were driving red pick up truck. My Son has the Reg number but is away with a friend this weekend. If they have to have licences to have guns then surely police will be able to question them and find out who was where etc., They will know which of them were in what area. I really hope you find who did it and name and shame them. I wish all hunting over here was banned! It is cruel and unnecessary."
"I live in the Coudre - half way down on the sharp bend before the last straight stretch down to the sea. On 1st Oct it was like down-town Baghdad from early morning (always is on Oct 1st - a day I dread). I remember thinking that the bangs were a lot closer than normal. This is of absolutely no help to you at all, I am so sorry. I wish in hindsight that I had gone out to see where it was coming from and who was responsible. I could hazard a guess but a guess is all it would be! I really hope you find out who did this. Sarah"

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