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The GSPCA is currently inundated with animals in need of new homes.

If anyone is looking for a new pet then many of them can be seen on our website and we are open for viewing for those interested in adopting 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.

With World Animal Day on the 4th October we are giving Islanders a chance to view many of the animals in need by having open days and evenings at the GSPCA Animal Shelter on Tuesday the 1st and Wednesday 2nd October between 11am and 8pm and on Thursday 3rd October between 11am until 4pm.

Many of the small domestics including Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus, Budgies, Cockatiels, other Parakeets, Ferrets will be in our Event and Training Room where there will be facilities to get a drink or snack, a selection of donated and new goods on sale, a seating area and of course GSPCA team members on hand to ask any questions.

For those wanting to view the cats available after 6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday staff will also be on hand to take you in and show you the cats in need of a new home.

With nearly 50 cats in need of new homes and another 50 birds and small domestics many of which have been rescued or gifted into the Shelter as their previous owners can no longer care for them we are appealing for new homes for these animals in need.

On Friday the 4th October which is World Animal Day we will be in Market Square, St Peter Port with a stall and a selection of animals from the Shelter that are looking for new homes, so if you can’t make it up then please pop along whilst we are in town.

For more details please contact 01481 257261 or email [email protected]

To donate to Nouska the Husky's operation and the other animals in need please call 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter in St Andrews or click on the Paypal link below and reference 'Nouska's Appeal'


To find out about the Community Awards and how to nominate please click here for more details.

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The following are events planned for 2013




For more details

Details to follow

Bric-A-Brac, Clothes, Coffee & Snacks and much more at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in the training room


Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Pet Supplies & GSPCA Goods on sale at the GSPCA Reception


10am Sunday 22nd September

Reservoir Dogs Sponsored Walk - Produced by Sidney’s Sponsored Events - Directed by Steve Byrne

Click here for more details.

Monday 23rd September

Start of the Animal Care Course with WEA at the GSPCA


Sunday 29th September

We'll be at Fairfields with a stall and selection of animals for Aid Reaching Children Charity Children's Fun Day

Please click here for more details

Friday 4th October

World Animal Day – We will be in Market Square with a selection of animals and goods from the GSPCA


Wednesday 9th October 6.30pm

Volunteer Induction Evening at the Animal Shelter


Sunday morning on the 6th October

Car Boot Sale at Alliance Car Park with M.E.N.F.U.N


19th October until 24th October 9am - 6pm - with a few late evening openings planned

Art Exhibition of Art Work from Mark Bayliss at the GSPCA Animal Shelter - Free Entry but donations welcomed


Thursday 24th October – 7.45pm

Art Auction at St Pierre Park Hotel Sponsored by the Heritage Group. If you book a meal at the Victor Hugo Restaurant at the St Pierre Park Hotel then a donation from every meal will be made to the GSPCA. Also the Pavilion will be opening on the evening with their Tennerfest menu and they too are donating proceeds from each meal to the GSPCA.


Saturday 2nd November 2013

The GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball

Click here for more details


Round Table Christmas Fair - a stall with all sorts of goods and tombola


December Thursdays

Late Night Shopping GSPCA Stall in town


Date and details to be confirmed

Christmas Fair


16th to 21st December 2013

Christmas Pop Up Shop on Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment



To find out about how to become a Member, Sponsor an Animal Pen, our Wish List, Corporate Sponsorship & Volunteering, Events, our Cattery Appeal and much more please click here.


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