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147 years ago yesterday there was no such thing as the GSPCA to help animals in Guernsey as today on Valentine's Day we celebrate our anniversary.

Yesterday around 430pm the GSPCA were called out to the Shingle Bank on the West Coast of Guernsey to what they found was a very poorly, thin , dehydrated and chesty grey seal pup.

Manning the GSPCA Ambulance were GSPCA staff Will Domaille and Neil Hughes who on arrival of finding the sick seal pup rescued and quickly transported the animal back to the GSPCA where Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George was there to meet them coming in on his day off to help.

To donate to help animals like Pebbles please visit   

Will Domaille said “The seal pup was a long distance from the sea and there was no mother in site and due to his condition we just couldn’t leave the sick and very thin seal pup as it wouldn’t have survived the night.”

Neil Hughes said “Will and I caught the seal and got it back to the GSPCA where we met Geoff and the GSPCA team who had already prepared an intensive care area for the sick seal pup.”

“We weighed the pup and in the stretcher it was 17.5kg and without it only 14.5kg when it should be 40kg.”

Geoff George said “The pup is less than half its body weight and only 2 weeks of age.”

“Although late in the seal pup season locally with the storms I have been keeping an eye on the coast and there may be other pups struggling so please keep an eye out and get in touch if you see any but please do not approach them as you could scare a caring mother away.”

“We have called the seal pup ‘Pebbles’ and it is very poorly with an injured jaw, bad chest infection, dehydrated and emaciated. And the vet saw what we think is a she last night and is popping back this morning.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “Last night every few hours Geoff was checking on Pebbles and feeding who is very poorly and we are doing all we can for this very sick seal pup.”

“A healthy seal pup should look like a fat maggot but those with skinny necks and ribs showing like Crash are those that are likely suffering and been separated from their mothers.”

“If you see a seal pup please ensure you keep a great distance and please do send us a picture whether they are healthy or not but any concerns call us 24/7 on 01481 257261.”

“You can see our full seal pup advice by visiting .”

“To donate directly to Andy and Pebbles the seal pups please visit - or “

“We continue to try and raise funds to build a new Wildlife Hospital for poorly seal like Pebbles and to find out more please visit - .”

“We are really pleased with the amazing progress Andrew the Jersey seal pup is doing and hope to release him this Spring.”

“It is amazing to think that 147 years ago yesterday there was no GSPCA and the amount that has happened over those years is just incredible and we are so thankful to all that have helped us celebrate #GSPCAPurpleWeek and also all those that have kindly donated and raised funds for our vital 24/7 work.”

“To find out more about #GSPCAPurpleWeek please visit .”

“We will of course keep everyone up to date on Pebbles and Andrew.”


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