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This month the GSPCA celebrated 90 years at our current site in St Andrews.

In October 1929 the GSPCA purchased its present site in the area known as Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews.

The house, outbuildings and ¾ vergee of land were bought freehold for £400.00 plus a further 2 vergees of land for £120.00 and an extra £5.00 included the spring and well.

The first Committee meeting was held at the new premises. Mr & Mrs Cosgrove were appointed caretakers. The minutes of Monday February 3rd document a “Receiving Station” at Constitution Steps, presumably where people could bring their sick or unwanted pets who would then be transferred to Les Fiers Moutons. “A Mrs Bassett had made available her washhouse and was shown how to write down all the details in a book of animals coming in to her.

Mrs Bassetts daughter would, for the present, take the animal out (to the GSPCA) by bus.” It was at this meeting that a decision was made to purchase a pony and cart to transfer animals from the Receiving Station to Les Fiers Moutons. At that time, the charge for use of this “Ambulance” was fixed at 6d. (now £10.00)

For over 146 years the GSPCA has been helping animals in Guernsey and you can see much of our history by visiting

Over the 90 years at our site often referred to as the ‘Animal Shelter’ we have faced many challenges and have helped an estimated 250,000+ animals through our doors.

We faced hard times through the war years and lost our site but moved back in during the late 40’s and from then to today the site has grown to what you see today with 16 buildings, over 500 animals in our care and over 3000 wild and domestic animals needing our help, over 1000 pets boarding with us and helping over 1000 bereaved pet owners each year.

As well as reacting to animals needing our help 24/7 we have to continually look to the future and our current main focus is looking at a much needed Wildlife Hospital.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This month we celebrate 90 years of history at our site in St Andrews.”

“The GSPCA has been helping animals for over 146 years and the GSPCA Animal Shelter has housed everything from lion cubs to loggerhead turtles.”

"It is incredible to think that for a little over £500 we were able to purchase the wonderful site that we have 90 years ago."

"It means we are extremely lucky to have such a great site but we do have to raise £2000 a day to run the Shelter and look to fund new builds and projects due to the age of some of those we have."

“There have been many changes and many challenges over the years with our current large project knocking down the oldest buildings onsite which one has been in place since 1949 and in their place build the first Wildlife Hospital in the Channel Islands.”

“We have many wishes and plans for the site and you can see many of those by visiting .”

“Our BIGGEST wish of them all is the much needed Wildlife Hospital and from making a donation to Buying a Brick there are many ways to support this much needed facility.”

“To find out more or discuss how you or your group or business could support the GSPCA you can pop in to the Shelter in St Andrews, call 01481 257261 or email me as we love chatting to those that wish to support our vital work.”

“There are many ways you can help us with our site and work at the GSPCA and we must thank all those that have helped us over the last nine decades at our Animal Shelter.”

To help the work of the GSPCA here are just a few ways and ideas -

You can donate via our page or create your own sponsored event or challenge -

To Buy a Brick in the new Wildlife Hospital and download a leaflet please click here -

To learn about the ‘Buy a Brick’ in the new Wildlife Hospital and find out more please click here -

To learn more about our biggest project, become an Exclusive Build Partner and support our Wildlife Hospital please visit

To donate to the animals in our care another via our paypal page -   

To donate to Andy the seal pup please visit -  or

To visit the Just Giving page raising funds for life saving Intensive Care Units please visit or to buy one directly for the Shelter please visit

To become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor please visit -

To download a Corporate Angel Pen Pal form please click here  

If you would like to help at one of our upcoming events please give Michelle a call on 257261 or email

To see some of the animals looking for homes at the GSPCA please visit –

Another way to support us is our on site Charity Shop and refreshment area and to find out more please visit -

If your group or business would like to find out about spending a day at the Shelter please go to -

For other ways your business can help us here at the GSPCA please go to -

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 630pm we have a volunteer induction evening and for more information and additional induction dates please visit or call 257261

To see our upcoming guided tours please visit -

To see our Wish List on our website please visit -

To visit our Amazon Wish list please visit -

For lots more ideas on how you can support the shelter and the animals in our care then please visit our fundraising page

To find out more on trips, talks and our education work please email or call 01481 257261




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