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In 2014 a scheme was launched to help protect Guernsey pets while providing funding for the island’s leading animal charity.

Rossborough has pledged to give £10 to the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals each time an islander takes out pet insurance.

The partnership has been a huge boost for the charity, which last year undertook the largest ever redevelopment project of its site in St Andrew’s.

"Running the shelter is extremely expensive – it costs around £2,000 a day – so we are extremely grateful for each and every donation we receive. Rossborough’s initiative is a great one because not only does the charity benefit but it also encourages people to take out pet insurance, which can be really important" said GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne.

"By teaming up with Rossborough we can combine two essential activities of the GSPCA and at the same time helping give pet owners peace of mind in many ways for their beloved animal and also that they are helping support animal rescue and care in Guernsey."

Pet insurance is primarily designed to cover vets’ bills for the treatment of illness and injury. Other policy benefits can include meeting the cost of advertising should a pet go missing, rewards for lost pets and care for your animal should you have to go into hospital.

Tony De Sousa, director at Rossborough, said the initiative was aimed at encouraging islanders to protect their pets while at the same time benefitting the GSPCA.

"Rossborough is a huge supporter of the GSPCA, which does a fantastic job in the island on very limited funds."

"Looking after a pet properly can be costly and it’s important that when things go wrong, or an animal gets sick, which they inevitably do, pet owners have the security of insurance to ensure that their animal can be seen by a vet without the fear of huge bills mounting up."

In 2014 the average pet insurance claim is now £420 for pedigree cats and £469 for pedigree dogs, but claims can run into thousands of pounds. Pedigree animals are often prone to specific illnesses, so pet insurance can be very cost-effective. For example, Labradors often need surgical treatment for torn cranial cruciate ligaments, which can cost thousands.

Preventative treatments like neutering, vaccinations and flea or worm control, along with any pre-existing conditions, will not be covered. Nor will anything to do with pregnancy or birth.

Policies range from £9 to £35 a month.

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About Rossborough

  • Rossborough was established on the 17th October 1936 by Reginald A Rossborough. Little is known about Mr Rossborough other than he was a familiar member of the local social scene and a very proficient business “getter”.
  • Rossborough is committed to being the broker of choice to buyers of insurance in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • In 2012, Rossborough became Jersey’s only Chartered Insurance Broker.  This celebrated accolade, which only around 100 companies in the UK hold, is awarded in recognition of a company’s professionalism and high levels of customer service.
  • In December 2013, Rossborough’s parent group was acquired by a leading global broker, Arthur J Gallagher & Co, giving Rossborough clients access to specialist insurance teams around the world.

One of our wonderful volunteers has done a new poster for our GSPCA Masquerade Ball on Friday 1st April at the...

Posted by GSPCA on Thursday, 21 January 2016

To donate to Bonnie the grey seal pup please call 01481 257261, pop along to the Animal Shelter in St Andrews, by post or by clicking the link below.

We will of course keep you up to date with Bonnie's progress and keep your eyes open for pictures and videos.

If anyone see's a pup with or without a mum we really do appreciate a call so that we are aware of its location and condition but here is some advice.

A healthy pup looks like a big, stuffed maggot without a neck. However, a thin pup looks sleek (but not bony) and has a visible neck, like a healthy dog.

PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE SEAL. They can give a nasty bite, which will become infected by bacteria that live in a seal’s mouths.

Note: Do not allow dogs or other animals to harass a seal.

If a Seal is scared back into the water, it could then be washed out to sea by strong currents and be lost. You should not put a seal pup back in the sea as it may get into difficulty.

If a Seal pup is sick, thin or injured then we would ask you to contact the GSPCA immediately on 01481 257261 day or night

When reporting an injured, sick or abandoned seal to the GSPCA, please make sure you are able to supply the following information:

  • Exact location; nearest town / village
  • Position on the beach, and state of the tide
  • How long you have observed the pup; any disturbance / risk to it; whether the mother has been seen
  • Any wounds / obvious signs of illness
  • Length/colour/condition.

Caution:- Handling of any animal either domestic, wild, dead or alive may be potentially hazardous. Obvious dangers include bites, scratches and general hygiene issues. Common sense should be applied in all instances and, if unsure, seek additional advice or assistance. Personal hygiene should be taken into consideration after handling any animal, whether it’s domestic, wild, dead or alive.

To see some of the previous stories follow the links below

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Hanois the grey seal pup rescued on Saturday by GSPCA staff 7th January 2013

Jethou Bumblebee & Hanois the rescued grey seal pups back in the wild 18th April 2013

The Rescue of Trinity the Seal Pup 9th January 2014

Extremely sick and weak Grey Seal Pup rescued at Corbier now at the GSPCA

Posted by GSPCA on Monday, 18 January 2016

To find out how you could help during the GSPCA Purple Week between 11th and 14th, for more details please click here.

Happy Birthday Ella Gidney - a special behind the scenes at the GSPCA as a birthday treat

Posted by GSPCA on Monday, 30 November 2015

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Nominations for the CEVA Welfare Awards 2016 are now open - could you nominate someone in...

Posted by GSPCA on Friday, 30 October 2015
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Looking for pet insurance in Guernsey? Check out the GSPCA pet insurance with Rossborough

Posted by GSPCA on Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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