GSPCA helping cats, kittens and a dog from the Irish NW SPCA find new homes in Guernsey

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At the GSPCA we help 1000’s of animals every year, but we have seen a drop in numbers of dogs and cats needing our help find homes locally, although we do help them in many other ways.

In recent years we have been trying to help animals from UK and Irish SPCA animal shelters and Association of Dog and Cat Home members, but with the Covid Pandemic this has been very difficult.


Teddy the kitten loving his new home

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Every year we help in excess of 3000 animals through our doors not to mention countless more that every day we help by investigating cruelty and going out 24/7 to rescue and reunite with their owners or free back to the wild.

Of all domestic species we help more cats than any other with over 1000 cats that are stray, hit by vehicles, unwanted, cruelty cases or being brought in as their owners can no longer care for them.


Baby boom at the GSPCA - Appeal for intensive care units - GSPCA see a surge in young animals needing Intensive Care Units

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At the GSPCA we are currently working extremely hard behind the scene to care for many baby birds, baby hedgehogs and even have a number of baby ferrets and kittens.

Thankfully the kittens and ferrets have mothers to feed for them but the ducklings, hoglets and fledglings are all filling our intensive care units at such a rate we are having to appeal for help to purchase extra as well as for hand rear milk and meal worms to feed them.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "In the last week or so we have seen a surge in young animals and birds being rescued and needing our care."


Rescued kittens covered in fly strike now doing well at the GSPCA

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On Thursday last week the GSPCA ambulance was called out to two very young kittens in desperate need.

The call came from Les Fauconnaires where two young kittens at only 4-5 weeks were found covered in fleas and fly strike with no mother in site.

The area was searched for any signs of other kittens and the two rescued were transported to the vets as they were cold and in need of veterinary care.


Survey from the GSPCA - With the UK making it compulsory to microchip dogs what should we do in Guernsey for our pets?

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At the GSPCA we help thousands of lost and found animals in Guernsey every year and we would like to know your views in relation to compulsory microchipping of pets in Guernsey.

In the UK many dog owners will be unprepared for new legislation which makes it compulsory to microchip their pets from April 2016.


Statistics from Petlog show that Guernsey has more cats than any other area in the UK

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In Guernsey the GSPCA estimate that there are approximately 8,000 to 10,000 pet dogs and also the same number in cats owned.

This estimation has recently been reinforced with the Petlog statistical data which shows in their figures that Guernsey is an island of cat owners.

The Mirror recently looked at cat microchipping data from Petlog to determine where most cats live, and the most popular cats in each area.


Remembrance the kitten found on site at the GSPCA - please watch out for others in the St Andrews area

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Yesterday at the GSPCA we were kept very busy from loose horses to injured cats.

Not only were members of the GSPCA team helping animals in need around Guernsey on Remembrance Sunday, but there was one that needed helping on site at the Shelter in St Andrews.

Animal Care Assistant Sarah Ozanne and volunteer Fleur Pizzey were busy cleaning and feeding the animals in the outdoor runs when they could hear a lot of 'meows'.

It didn't seem to be coming from the cattery building so on investigating they spotted a young kitten in the fields at the Shelter.


Please watch out for feral kittens in the Admiral Park area after Spot the kittens rescue

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Although in Guernsey we seem to be well into Autumn young animals are still being found.

Only in the last few days a very young feral kitten has been found in the Admiral Park area.

The 10 week old male kitten which was found late on Friday night was full of worms and fleas and is extremely timid and nervous.



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With the sunny weather and gardens blooming the GSPCA have had a busy few weeks with injured wildlife found in areas that have been strimmed or cut.

The main casualty have been hedgehogs and even mothers with young that have been found whilst an area has been cleared or cut.

Over recent years we have seen a decrease in feral cat colonies thanks to the work of the GSPCA and that of Guernsey Animal Aid Cats, but it only takes one unnetuered female cat and one male to result in a litter of kittens.


Thank you to all that supported the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk with Sidney's Events

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The GSPCA would like to thank everyone that turned out for the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk yesterday with Sidney's Events.

Nearly 30 dogs and walkers arrived at Rue des Anvilles car park to walk the 3 miles of pathes around the Reservoir.

Some in fancy dress and all with smiles, the group of walkers with tiny dogs like Jack Russels and Pugs to German Shepherds and Red Setters all had a lovely walk, with beautiful scenery, enjoying each others company whilst raising funds to help animals in Guernsey.