Can you help a cat needing a Rural or Farm type home from the GSPCA

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There are many reasons cats come into the GSPCA.

Not all have loving caring starts to their lives and at the GSPCA we are always looking for farm or rural cats for those cats that didn’t have the kindest of upbringings or those cats that can be a bit grumpy with people.

Anna Paint GSPCA Animal Care Supervisor said “We currently have three cats with us that are more suited to a free roaming/rural life, Meet. Jim, Ramsey and Twiglet.”


Update on Oopsie the cats operation and please to donate to her care

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Every day the GSPCA rush animals to the vets needing vet care and treatment and one very special cat called Oopsie had a very large operation.

Oopsie is one of the oldest cats at the GSPCA at 17 years old who arrived in the Autumn after her owner sadly passed away.

Oopsie is a lovely cat but unfortunately had a nasty growth in ear that needs removing.

We are pleased to say te operation went well and she is now recuperating at the GSPCA.


Oopsie the cat needs you donations towards her operation – GSPCA Celebrating 150 years

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Every day the GSPCA rush animals to the vets needing vet care and treatment and one very special cat needing an operation is Oopsie.

Oopsie is one of the oldest cats at the GSPCA at 17 years old how arrived in the Autumn after her owner sadly passed away.

Oopsie is a lovely cat but unfortunately has a nasty growth in ear that needs removing.


Edible Guernsey give semi-feral cats a new home after rescuing from a multiple cat home

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The GSPCA help 1000’s of cats every year in many ways from strays to those neglected.

When we have room we not only help island cats but we help animals from Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) which is an organisation made up of over 160 charities across the UK and Ireland.

Last October GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne brought 5 cats back from the RSPCA in Wales.

Three of the 5 were a multiple cat household.


Donate to poorly stray Pushkin's Cat Scan GSPCA Appeal

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Black and white this very poorly stray cat found in Fermain a week ago was rushed to the vets.

With multiple health issues ‘Pushkin’ as this lovely lad has been called is being treated for runny eyes to the more serious issue of a blood coming from his nose.

Pushkin is on treatment and is comfortable but requires a Cat or CT scan which will cost in excess of £900, not to mention the other care and possible operation he may need.


After a year at the GSPCA diabetic cat Pongo finds his forever home

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Many may know Pongo the diabetic cat who arrived at the GSPCA during the first lock down.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Pongo has been at the GSPCA for over a year and might know him as he has been into the studios at BBC Guernsey and also featured in a calendar this year which is on sale across the UK from the ADCH.”

“All of the team think the world of Pongo and although there has been some interest due to the costs of food and treatment many were a little put off giving him a good home.”


Help us find Pongo a forever home during #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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Pongo is an incredible long haired black and white cat who is diabetic and we really want him to find his forever home.

Pongo arrived during the first lockdown and although we are in lockdown once again you can still complete an adoption form if you are interested in this amazing cat.

To see the adoption procedure and download a cat adoption form please go to


Happy News – Lock down rehoming Hamish doing well in his new home

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With the current challenges we all need cheering up and what better way than sharing an update on an animal happily adopted from the GSPCA.

Hamish was adopted during lock down and here is an update from his owner -

“Just a few photos to show how Hamish has settled in, he has claimed our bedroom window sill as his early morning lookout post, and has a teddy to cuddle into in his bed next to the radiator in our bedroom.

He sits on the sofa between us in the evening watching tv or just under the sofa. He had a play last night with catnip, and seems very happy.


Durand was found as a scabby stray cat and is now happy, well and loving his new home

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Last year the GSPCA helped a poorly, nervous stray cat that was covered in scabs.

As no owner could be found Durand as he was named was cared for and treated by the team at the GSPCA.

Durand was quite nervous when he first arrived but with a lot of TLC and vet treatment he improved daily.

Last month Durand finally found his forever home and we have recently had a message from new owners Lewis and Laura to hear how well he is doing.


Appeal for Lucky a cat who could have cancer

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With over 1000 cats helped at the GSPCA every year we strive to do everything we can for the many strays, cruelly treated and unwanted cats.

At the end of August a 6 year old female cat found her way to the GSPCA when her owner could no longer care for her.

Although in fairly good health on the day she arrived during her assessment we discovered she had cat flu and also had sores on her feet.

After two months of treatments and veterinary care 'Lucky' as she is called improved and got better.