It is #WorldLizardDay and with 10 at the GSPCA there are many in need

Submitted by Steve on 08:40, 14th Aug, 2019 | 0

Today is World Lizard Day and at the GSPCA we have 10 in our care.

There are 9 Bearded Dragons and 1 Moroccan Eyed Lizard currently in our care needing support and 9 in need of new homes.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Today is World Lizard Day and we currently have 10 in our care.”

“We have 1 Moroccan Eyed Lizard and 9 Bearded Dragons in need of support.”

“They are exotic pets so you need the right setup and knowledge to look after them but they can make great pets if you know what you are doing and prepared to give them the care that they need.”