Warning to dog owners L’Ancresse/Pembroke – dead cow on beach

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Warning to dog owners L’Ancresse/Pembroke – dead cow on beach

Earlier today the GSPCA were informed of a dead cow that had been washed onto our coast and passed the information to the States Vet.

The Environment Department is advising dog owners that a dead cow (adult) has been washed up on to the rock outcrop in the centre of L’Ancresse/Pembroke bay today.

The body is in very poor condition and it may pose a hazard to dogs if they eat it.

David Chamberlain, the States Vet, considers the cow is likely to be of French origin.


Please Use Safety Collars On Your Cats

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Widget is one of many cats that we have had come into the Animal Shelter with a horrific collar injury.GSPCA cat collar injury

Every week the GSPCA receive stray cats with collars without safety buckles.  The elasticated and non safety collars put cats lives at risk as they can get caught and in the worse cases can be fatal.


GSPCA Warning To Gardeners - Please check before strimming or hedge trimming for hedgehogs

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This time of year we all venture out in the garden to do the gardening and cut the grass while we enjoy the spring weather.

The GSPCA is urging islanders to take care as we have already had our first hedgehog casualty.


GSPCA warn dog walkers about motor bikes being illegally driven on coastal paths

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The GSPCA are in full support of the warning issued today regarding the law and not riding motor bikes on the cliff paths.

It puts dog walkers, ramblers and animals at risk. 

GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne said 'It is very concerning to hear that people are not only breaking the law by driving on our coastal paths but they are putting people, animals and themselves at risk.'  'Thankfully we haven't had any accidents with any animals yet but if this continues it is only a matter of time.'