Volunteers Week starts in June but why not join us at the GSPCA Volunteer Induction Evening on Wednesday 31st May 630pm

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We celebrate our 150 year history this year and we couldn’t do so much without our incredible team of staff, volunteers and supporters.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have never been so busy as we have been in current years and with plans of new builds to meeting every day demands we are currently recruiting for additional team members at the GSPCA from staff to volunteers.”

“1st June sees the start of Volunteers Week and why not join us before it takes place at our next Induction Evening on the 31st May.”


20 new volunteers join the GSPCA team – next induction 330pm Friday 27th July

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On Monday we held our seventh volunteer induction of 2018..

The induction will took place with GSPCA Animal Care Assistant Sarah langlois who greeted the 20 new volunteers with a few of their friends.

The group learnt all about who we are, what we do, the ways volunteers can help and an induction of how to help safely.

Although volunteering at the Animal Shelter starts at 13 for those under 13 they are always welcome to attend and get involved with events and fund raising.  We have a huge number of events over the summer and we are always looking for help.


Monday 4th June 2018 Volunteer Induction Evening Starts 630pm until approximately 815pm

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On Monday 4th June we will hold our sixth volunteer induction of 2018 which takes place during the National Volunteers Week.

The induction will take place with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who will greet the new volunteers and then show a video about who we are, what we do, the ways volunteers can help and an induction of how to help safely to all the new volunteers who need to be aged from 13 years upwards to help with the animals on site.  


The GSPCA induct and welcome 22 new volunteers

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24 hours a day volunteers help the GSPCA team ensure we provide a 24/7 service and last night we held our fifth induction on 2018.

At the induction we welcomed 22 new volunteers 4 of which are undergoing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and 8 under taking their work experience of which 2 started today.


Volunteer Induction Evening 6.30pm Tuesday 11th July - All welcome

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Our 8th volunteer induction evening of 2017 takes place on Tuesday 11th July at 630pm.

We are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. Volunteers helping raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey


Last Volunteer Induction of 2015 a lovely evening and well over 1000 helpers assisting the GSPCA in 2015

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Last night the GSPCA welcomed 15 new faces and 11 new volunteers within the group.

For a number of years we have been running volunteer induction evenings and sessions.  In 2014 over 200 volunteers were inducted and welcomed to the team, not including the many volunteers that helped through the year, at events, through Corporate Social Responsibility Days and Voluntourists.  This year a further 200+ joined us at the GSPCA with a further 200+  that spent a day or more through a corporate day and 25 Voluntourists from the cruise liners.


Appeal for volunteers to help man the GSPCA stall for Carnival Week & also help man the phone at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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At the GSPCA we are currently appealing for volunteers to help in a few specific roles.

Over the summer months we have many fund raisers coming up and we are at many of the major events.

Next week we have a fun games stall all week in Market Square from Monday 21st to Saturday 26th July and we would love it if we could find helpers and volunteers to give a hand.

Each day we are in St Peter Port between 9am and 4pm and if you can help please get in touch.


You've heard of 'the kiss of life' this weekend we found out about 'snog a dog'

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On Sunday morning at the GSPCA we met 9 keen dog lovers who were looking to find out more on dog first aid.

We have been holding a series of training courses at the GSPCA and this weekend we trained a further 9 attendees what to do for their canine friends if faced with a first aid situation.

GSPCA Dog First Aid Course July 2015 in Guernsey


New Volunteers & Cat First Aiders Trained at the GSPCA - Dog First Aid this Sunday

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Last Wednesday the GSPCA welcomed 14 new volunteers to the Animal Shelter and on Sunday another 3 keen cat lovers were taught about cat first aid.

Sarah Creasey the Animal Education and Welfare Officer inducted 14 new volunteers who were keen to help in all sorts of ways from fund raising to mucking out.

The evening consisted of introductions, all about the GSPCA, health and safety and the areas that those that attended can help here at the GSPCA.


Volunteer Induction Evening Wednesday 2nd July 6.30pm

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This Wednesday at 6.30pm the GSPCA is holding a Volunteer Induction Evening at the Shelter.

Every 6 to 8 weeks we hold Volunteer Induction Evenings where if you are interested in helping at the GSPCA fund raise, walk dogs, gardening, muck out, on reception or in any role we tell you all about the Shelter, our work, go through an induction in working safely and finish off with a chat about getting you started and setting a date.

On Wednesday Sarah Creasey the GSPCA Education and Welfare Officer will run through the induction which takes around 90 minutes.