From all at the GSPCA Thank You and Good Luck to the amazing Ben Howitt off to be a Chief Vet in the Galapagos

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Since November 2016 Dr Ben Howitt BVSc MRCVS has worked closely with the team at the GSPCA to help care for the thousands of animals through the doors every year.

When Ben joined the team at Isabelle Vets it wasn’t long before each week he would attend the GSPCA for the main vet check days and very quickly a wonderful relationship was established.

Ben with his friendly, helpful and caring nature was a fantastic help not only to the many sick and injured animals, but also to the GSPCA team.


GSPCA Rescue Cat Catrina wins the Isabelle Vets Pet Hero for 2017

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Isabelle Vets recently announced the winner of the Isabelle Vets Pet Hero competition which was Catrina the tabby cat, as voted for by the general public.

All of the nominated finalists were ‘Heros’ in their own right, with over five hundred people voting for their chosen hero in a closely-run competition. On a small Island such as Guernsey, this truly shows the kindness and enthusiasm of people, in taking the time to recognise the bravery of all of these stoic pets.


Speakers visit the GSPCA to help rabbit owners & workers against the deadly RHVD2

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Last Tuesday the GSPCA held a special training session to help rabbit owners and professionals that work or care for bunnies due to the outbreak of RHVD2 recently.

The event was open to everyone and was completely free of charge and we saw representatives from local garden centres, owners and many of the GSPCA staff and volunteers

The training took place at 130pm on Tuesday 4th at the GSPCA with two key speakers.


Good luck Sarah Ozanne from all of the team at the GSPCA in a new veterinary nursing career

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On the 15th February 2012 Sarah Ozanne joined the team at the GSPCA as a volunteer dog walker and started helping at the Animal Shelter in many of the departments.

Her interest in the work at the Shelter quickly grew and after applying for a full time post at the GSPCA she started her career in December of the same year.


Catrina the road accident cat still at the vets and doing well

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We are pleased to report that Catrina the cat continues to improve although she is still under the care of the vets.

Sadly as no owner has come forward for Catrina in the 21 days required under Guernsey law.  The job we have now at the GSPCA with the help of Isabelle Vets is to get her well and strong enough to find her a home.


Catrina the stray cat has had her operation and at the vets for a few more days

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We are pleased to report that Catrina the stray cat that was found at L'Islet after a road traffic accident nearly two weeks ago has had her operation yesterday at Isabelle Vets.

We are extremely grateful to all that have donated and an amazing £600 has been raised to date and thank you to all that are helping Catrina and of course her many friends at the GSPCA.

To donate to the many animals in our care please visit


Max the little terrier helped by our Tally is doing well

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Yesterday we told you of Tally a dog who lastweek helped save Max's life by giving blood.

Max a terry at the vets in Guernsey GSPCA

We've been told today Max is doing really well and even managed to have a nice walk to the vets for a check up that went well.

To see the full story please click here.


Tally the GSPCA dog helps save a life in Guernsey

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Last week the GSPCA were approached to ask the question if we had a life saving dog.

Sadly a dog had been rushed to Isabelle Vets with health problems which meant the dog required a blood transfusion.

The GSPCA has over 200 animals at the Shelter from dogs to birds, cats to a horse and we the GSPCA team took a dog Tally up to the vets to see if he would be suitable.

Tally is an energetic lively dog lwho has come in to the Animal Shelter to find a new home.  He is a 6 year old flat coated retriever and loves people.


Yesterday Inca the husky helped save a life, can you help her find a home?

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Yesterday Inca the husky at the GSPCA in Guernsey popped along to Isabelle Vets for a very important donation.

Isabelle Vets thaking Inca the husky at the GSPCA in GuernseyThe GSPCA are always looking at raising funds for the 1000's of animals we help and rescue every year and yesterday one of the dogs had her chance to give something back.