Cockerels free to good homes at the GSPCA

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The GSPCA in the last year has had the busiest year of cockerels and still have many lookijg for homes that arrived last year.

Many were reared as chicks and although the hens have found loving new homes the GSPCA has quite a few boys now in need.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “Every year we help sick and injured cockerels but we have seen more than usual in the last year and have quite a few now in need of new homes.”

“If anyone can help find these or any of the animals in our care a new home please do get in touch.”


Abandoned at Chouet check out Sam JR now in need of a home

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Meet one of our residents ‘Hi I’m Sam JR

I was dumped at Chouet tip, I couldn’t stand, my crown all burnt and I smelt pretty bad too! Matt Hill-Smith The GSPCA’s night warden collected me and took me straight to the GSPCA

The next morning I went to the vets, my future did not look very promising but the team at the GSPCA and RI vet team wanted to give me a chance! So I started my medication and within a week the difference, I could start walking!!!! I was a happy cockerel again!

Look at me now, I’m fabulous!!!!


RIP Major the GSPCA much loved cockerel

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Many visitors over recent years will know the friendly and familiar face of Major the cockerel.

Major turned up at the GSPCA with an elderly hen  a few years ago.  It was unclear if they were strays, just escaped from a near by farm or home or if they had been dumped at the GSPCA.

Sadly Majors wife was very elderly and wasn’t with us long, but for the last few years Major has strutted his stuff around the GSPCA and made many friends.

Many visitors would find him following them around and he loved many of the staff and volunteers that fed and cared for him.


William an injured stray cockerel from St Saviours at the GSPCA

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Last Tuesday GSPCA Volunteer Warden Dave Brook was called out to help rescue an injured bird in need.

The cockerel which was in St Saviours had an injured potentially broken leg and wasn't in very good condition.

'William' as the male bird has been called is mainly white with some black feathers and has improved daily whilst at the GSPCA.

As a stray domestic bird we are appealing for an owner and if anyone has any information please call 01481 257261.

The bird was found in the Rue de la Fosse area of St Saviours.


Nouska back home at the GSPCA after his operation

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After an operation to remove a lump from his throat and an overnight stay Nouska the Husky is back at the Animal Shelter and doing well.

The lump which was found after Nouska was signed over to the Shelter has now been removed and he is on pain relief, antibiotics and a special food to help his recovery.

We have sent the lump away to be diagnosed and will hopefully no longer cause Nouska and more issues.


It's not all just bunny hugging - A Volunteer Evening at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Wednesdy 17th July at 6.30pm

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The GSPCA helps care for and rescue thousands of animals every year and without our wonderful volunteers we really couldn't do it.

From cleaning kennels to fundraising there are dozens of roles for volunteers to help the GSPCA and next Wednesday we have our second Volunteer Welcome and Induction Evening.

With the success of the first last month which drew a crowd of 18 new volunteers to the Shelter the second is planned for 6.30pm on the 17th July.


Thank you to The Best Of Guernsey for the Feature on the GSPCA

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We would like to extend a thank you to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the feature of the GSPCA.

The page is full of information about the Shelter, what we do, our services, events and much more.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are extremely grateful to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the wonderful exposure on what is a hugely popular web site in the Bailiwick.'


If you see kittens at Icart Point please let the GSPCA know

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This week we have received a young kitten that was rescued out at Icart Point.

The GSPCA are concerned that there may be others and if you are out in the area and come across any please get in touch with the Shelter.

Tiger as he has been named was found extremely thin, no mother in site and full of worms, fleas and may not have survived if he had not been rescued.

This time of year kittens are often rescued and brought into the GSPCA and just this morning another feral was rescued and brought in from the Bouet area who is now named Molly.


Good Luck to Nouska the Husky who is having his operation today

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This morning we are wishing Nouska the Husky the best of luck with his operation to remove a cancerous lump.

Nouska who has a lump in his chest is off to the vets today to have it removed.

We are so thankful to everyone that has donated towards him.

All the team at the GSPCA will be thinking of him today and we are all hopeful for a successful operation.



Thanks to everyone who has donated to Nouska's operation so far which is happening this Wednesday

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We would like to thank everyone that has donated towards Nouska the Husky's operation so far.

Nouskas is going for his operation on Wednesday and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for this lovely lad.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are so grateful to everyone that has donated towards Nouska's operation.'

'It is estimated that it will cost over £1000 with everything and we can announce that since last Wednesday the full estimated amount has been raised and thank everyone for their support.'