CONTINUED APPEAL FOR ANY INFORMATION OR PHOTIS/VIDEOS of an alleged incident of someone trying to run gulls over on Saturday

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On Saturday 11th June 2023 at the GSPCA we received a report that someone had allegedly tried to run over gulls at the Charotterie.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “On Saturday 11th June around mid day we were informed a white car possibly a Fiat was driving up and down and hit possibly 2 gulls allegedly on purpose.”

“We attended and there was evidence of whole pieces of bread.”

“Any evidence or information please call 257261, email [email protected] and we have informed the authorities.”


Gull reported with a fishing rod attached in the Saints Bay area

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Last night the GSPCA were contacted by the Control Room as a concerned member of public had been in touch having spotted a gull in need of help.

The bird is said to reportedly have swallowed a fishing line and hook with what we have been told a rod still attached.

We are unsure at this time of species of gull and it was seen flying out to sea last night at Saints Bay.

Jen Bradshaw GSPCA Ambulance Night Warden said “Last night a gull was reported to us at Saints Bay was said to have a hook and line, and apparently a rod attached to it.


GSPCA ADVICE Please watch out for poorly gulls in Guernsey

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Please watch out for poorly gulls in Guernsey

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal care Assistant wants to share some advice after a very busy weekend at the GSPCA with sick and injured gulls -

“Over the weekend The GSPCA have had 8 gulls come into our care with similar symptoms, not being able to fly and very lethargic. 

One of the Gulls that was found outside Waitrose threw up this wooden skewer when at GSPCA. 


What is Orchard the Lesser Black Backed Gull doing in Guernsey?

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Normally found much further North it is unusual to see a Lesser Black Back Gull in Guernsey during the Winter.

On the 1st February a 1 year old female Lesser Black Back Gull was rescued near Route des Capelles unable to fly.

Once at the GSPCA she was cared for initially inside and then put in one of the rehabilitation flights.

The young bird was named 'Orchard' and a close eye kept on her during the first 24 hours to monitor the condition of her wings.


Steven Seagull is on the mend and is now a Stephanie Seagull

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Just under two weeks ago an injured Herring Gull arrived early one evening having been found with a white material wrapped around the birds legs.

The bird had been rescued from Mont Cuet and was very weak on entry and extremely hungry.

As the finder didn't know what to call the bird we placed a picture on our facebook and after many great names the next morning having made it through his first night we decided on the name 'Steven Seagull'.


Gannet rescue from Jaonnaise Bay

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called out to an injured gannet at Jaonnaise Bay.

Animal Collection Officer Geoff George attended the site where he had a fair walk to find the trapped bird.

As the sun was setting during early evening Geoff found the poor bird trapped in discarded fishing netting.

It was difficult to say how long the bird had been there so he quickly restrained the bird got it back to the van and brought the bird back to the Shelter in St Andrews.

The bird has survived over night and staff are currently monitoring its progress.


Only days after the GSPCA warn about fishing waste, another bird dies due to a fish hook

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Last week at the GSPCA we issued a warning on waste and rubbish injuring animals, especially those at sea.

On Sunday the GSPCA were called out to an injured gannet at Port Soif.

Emma Trousdale from the GSPCA responded in the ambulance to rescue a gannet that had a fish hook through her eye.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We rescue and help animals 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the gannet rescued on Sunday must have been in a great deal of pain and it is hard to say how long the fish hook had been through the eye."


Tangle the Gull caught in fishing line - GSPCA ask please keep our beaches tidy

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called to an injured juvenile gull that had been caught in fishing line.

GSPCA staff had tried to catch the young gull on a number of occasions and yesterday GSPCA Warden Dave Brook managed to secure the disabled bird.

The bird which was rushed to the GSPCA Animal Shelter had fine fishing netting caught extremely tightly around the birds left leg to such a point it had cut into the skin, become swollen and lame.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager and GSPCA Warden Dave Brook spent nearly 30 minutes removing the netting and treating the bird.


Gull training for GSPCA staff and volunteers - Thank you to Paul Veron

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Today Shelter staff and volunteers had the pleasure of a local expert in Gulls give a talk on their movements, the tracking of them and their behaviour.

Paul Veron who has been ringing birds since 1976 and has rung over 53,000 himself since starting has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the GSPCA team before they started their work.

Paul talked primarily about the movements and ringing work of the Herring Gull, Black Back Gull and Lesser Back Gull all of which breed around the Bailiwick.


Another oiled bird at the GSPCA - What to do if you see any bird affected by oil

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Today the GSPCA received another oiled bird.  This time a Gull was rescued from Chouet and brought into the Animal Shelter.

Although it is not thought to be the PIB (polyisobutene) that has killed thousands of see birds along the south coast of England the GSPCA are on high alert in case of any outbreak.

You may remember only a number of weeks ago an oiled bird was found dead in Alderney due to PIB.  Here is some simple advice on what to do if you find sea life affected by this or any oiled substance -