5th Guernsey Cubs see behind the scenes at the GSPCA – GSPCA Celebrating 150 years

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On Tuesday evening the 5th Guernsey Cub troop visited the GSPCA.

Sadly it was dark and a little wet but the 36 strong troop made up ofCiubs and Leaders arrived at 630pm where they were greeted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It was lovely to meet the 5th Guernsey Cub group on Tuesday.”

“They arrived baring of animal feed and treats and even other donations which we have to say a huge thank you for.”


First Ever Virtual Video Tour at the GSPCA for the 3rd Guernsey Cubs Group

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Last night the GSPCA undertook its first ever virtual tour.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager who lives on site and is currently having to cover 6 night shifts a week undertook a very special tour for the Guernsey 3rd Cubs Group.

The Cub group who would normally meet each Tuesday at 630pm and in the past have come up to the GSPCA to help towards their animal badge, due to the strict social distancing have moved their meetings onto Microsoft Teams.


St Martins Cubs enjoy an evening tour at the GSPCA

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On Tuesday 18th June St Martins Cubs had a very special visit and tour at the GSPCA.

On arrival they were greeted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who multi tasked with the tour and the arrival of new animals in need.

The tour involved seeing behind the scenes meeting many of the 500 animals at the GSPCA from Nellie the bearded dragon to a very quiet quick glimpse of the seal pups from behind the one way glass.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “It was lovely to show the St Martins Cubs around the GSPCA last month.”


8 year old Jack is inspired to be silent for animals at the GSPCA after his visit with Cubs - see here to sponsor him

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Last week the GSPCA celebrated 144 years helping animals in Guernsey with GSPCA Purple Week.

Many got involved and we are hugely thank you to all that supported and especially to a very special young man called Jack.

Jack Le Sauvage is 8 years old and goes to St Martins Primary School and is in Year 4 in Miss Dyke’s class.

Jack completed a 24-hour sponsored silence on Friday 17 February, during the GSPCA’s Purple Week – including a full day at school.


3rd Guernsey Scout Cubs Visit the GSPCA

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Last week the 3rd Guernsey Scout Cubs from St Martins came to visit the GSPCA.

On Tuesday 31st January just after 6pm a group of 17 Cubs arrived at the GSPCA to be shown around the Animal Shelter by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.

To start the tour the group got an introduction of the work of the GSPCA and met a beagle called Molly who was very happy to see them all despite the dark evening.


2nd Guernsey Cub Scout Group come for an evening visit to the GSPCA

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Last night the 2nd Cub Scouts with 4 leaders visited the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Despite being a wet, windy, dark evening the group of 30 enjoyed a tour of the premises learning about the work of the GSPCA and caring for animals.

The GSPCA are always working to educate all age groups about our work and caring for animals.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager who took the tour around the Shelter said 'The 2nd Cub Scout group from Capelles were a fantastic group who were very well behaved and full of questions and stories about animals.'