Today is Feral Cat Day - Joining forces to help Sark’s feral cats

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The GSPCA Welfare Manager, Lorna Chadwick, is working closely with Sark residents, Gemma and Richard Knight, to humanely manage the Sark feral cat population using a trap, neuter, return program.

With the permission of the Sark Constable and Chief Pleas traps have been placed at key sites and are being monitored closely through out the day. Under the guidance of the States Veterinary Officer, David Chamberlain, and with the help and support of Sark shipping the cats are then being transported back to the GSPCA for assessment.


Isle of Sark Shipping help the GSPCA get Taffy the Long Eared Owl home

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On Friday after a month of care and rehabilitation at the GSPCA 'Taffy' the female adult Long Eared Owl that was rescued in Sark at the beginning of August was ready to return to the wild.

As with all wildlife where possible we want to return rescued wildlife to the area they were they were found.

On Friday the Isle of Sark Shipping Company helped transport the beautiful wild bird from Guernsey back to Sark so she could be returned to the area where she was found just over 4 weeks ago.


Take your pooch to Sark and save £10

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Fancy taking your dog to Sark?

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