Today is Reptile Awareness Day - many musk turtles in need of homes at the GSPCA

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Habitat loss and the threat of extinction are significant concerns in the world of reptilian life.

Reptile Day promotes awareness of all things reptilian, encouraging learning about different types of reptiles, their natural environments and ecological challenges.

At the GSPCA we rescue, reunite, rehabilitate and rehome reptiles of all descriptions and in recent years seen more reptiles come into our care than ever before.

From snakes to turtles, lizards to turtles we have a wide range in our care and in need of new homes.


Furthest travelled stow away gets his right to live in a new home in Guernsey

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On the 15th February the GSPCA had a very unusual arrival.

We have seen a rise in reptiles in recent years as unwanted pets and even cruelty cases, but rarely get wild reptiles but back in February a stow away from much further East than Herm was brought into the GSPCA.

A couple who had recently been on holiday to India were shocked to find that a very unusual little creature had taken a trip in their bags and returned home with them.


First animals dumped at the GSPCA in over a decade

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On Sunday afternoon the GSPCA team were shocked to find two musk turtles dumped at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Every day the GSPCA helps animals in need and for those owners that need to part with their pets no matter the circumstances we are here to assist them.

On Sunday afternoon Senior Animal Care Assistant Yvonne Chauvel was carrying out her duties caring for the many animals in her department when she came across the two musk turtles abandoned at the GSPCA.


Reptile numbers a growing concern in Guernsey

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The growth in exotic pets has seen a rapid growth in many parts of the world and this is no exception here in Guernsey.

At the GSPCA we have seen a dramatic increase in reptiles in recent years.

Earlier this year saw the first ever Guernsey animal welfare prosecution with the 2012 legislation with an owner of a bearded dragon and 3 snakes who were found emaciated and dehydrated.

During 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 we would see between 1 and 3 reptiles a year of lizards and snakes at the GSPCA.