St Andrews Floral Group & the Probation Service helping out at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 00:23, 9th Dec, 2015 | 0

The GSPCA are hugely grateful to the St Andrews Floral Group and the Guernsey Probation Team for all of their help and support at the GSPCA.

Since 2012 the Guernsey Probation Service have not only supported the GSPCA at events, decorating, gardening, with group work and individual placements, there are many other ways in which they have helped.

This weekend a work group assisted a team of volunteers from the St Andrews Floral Group improve and clear the grounds and banks at the Animal Shelter on Rue Des Truchots.


GSPCA gets help from those needing to give back to the community - Thank you to Guernsey Probation Team

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The GSPCA is a very busy environment, with a site that is nearly 4 acres.

We are always extremely busy rescuing and caring for the many animals that come through the door which means it is often difficult to get many of the maintenance jobs around the site completed.

The Shelter has hundreds on metres of fencing which separates our paddocks around site as well as a stable that were falling in a state of disrepair but we were in luck…..