Easter Bunny Build Appeal – Please donate to help us build a small animal department

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The GSPCA desperately needs to build a Small Animal Department.

It recent years at the GSPCA we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of rabbits, small animals, birds and reptiles in need of our help.
This Easter we are appealing for your help to build a Small Animal Department with our Easter Bunny Appeal.

Thankfully we have an area which was our on-site Charity Shop which moved into Smith Street meaning we have a section to develop.


Guinea Pig Awareness Week and meet some looking for a home

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Did you know it is Guinea Pig Awareness Week?

Every year the GSPCA helps guinea pigs in many ways from strays, to those owners keep to give up to find a home to investigating cruelty.

Nicolle Morgan GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Guinea Pig Awareness Week, or GPAW, is a week of activities dedicated to improving the health and welfare of guinea pigs!”

“The 22nd - 28th March is the first ever awareness week for guinea pigs, organized by Burgess!”


GSPCA Adoption and Rehoming all moved online and over the phone - PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SHELTER AT THIS TIME

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Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is only operating essential services.  All of our rehoming is now online, telephone and through the post as we are avoiding visitors to the Shelter at all costs in line with advice from the States of Guernsey.

With animals still arriving and being rescued, unwanted, stray and abandoned the GSPCA have to look at ways we can help rehome animals in our care.


March is World Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month & could you help one of many at the GSPCA

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Each March around the world rescues celebrate and promote Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month.

March last year we had none at the Shelter looking for homes but this year we have 14 currently in our care.

All 14 are males and two are awaiting their homes, which are Cassiopeia and Alfie.

The 12 currently in need of a loving new owner are Yertle, Terrific Whatzit, Raphael, Mudface, Morla, Moriarty, Michelangelo, Mack, Filimore, Filigree, Donatello and Alderman Ptolemy.


Over 70 guinea pigs in need of homes at the GSPCA

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Over the last few months the GSPCA have had in intensive and medical care over 70 guinea pigs many of which were suffering from a fungus called ringworm.

We were asked to help take in the poorly guinea pigs earlier in the Summer which have been under veterinary treatment and required quarantine care costing £1000's.


Wonderful update from baby guinea pigs Choc Chip and Panda adopted from the GSPCA

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Last month two baby guinea pigs arrived at the GSPCA after a lady who was gifted a female guinea pig was found to be pregnant and asked for our help.

The two lovely little bundles of cuteness were named Choc Chip and Panda and after a short stay at the GSPCA were quickly found a loving new home.

Were have just been sent this message from the lovely new owner "You may remember us as Choc Chip and Panda the tiny baby guineas, but we have had a little name change to Billy and Clive."


The GSPCA celebrate as over 30 animals find loving new homes during the birthday week

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Only half way through February and within two weeks we have rehomed an amazing 36 animals and birds.

Pony the Peahen, Blacky the old hen, Abigail Angel, Frosty Lidea, Merci, Mistletoe, Polly, Roxie and Sherry the cats, Lucky, Meg and Storm the dogs, Baby Jusse, George, Goodie, Hope, Nat, Peace, Puffin and Spirit the guinea pigs, Ash, Brian, Chaos, Grumbles, Henri, Lewis, Lucy, Mo, Pedro, Ryan, Tosti and Woddy the hedgehogs and not forgetting George and Ringo the rats have all gone to new homes.


Spring has arrived early at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Despite the recent snow and inclement weather the GSPCA are already seeing signs of Spring.

From guinea pigs to pregnant cats there has already been birth's at the Shelter and yesterday we received our first chicks of 2013.

Buck and Trout two young pigeons which were rescued from a work site are now being hand fed by staff and volunteers at the GSPCA Animal ShBaby Jusse a baby guinea pig at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernseyelter.


The 7 dumped Guinea Pigs found in St Martins will be multiplying soon

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After a check over today the GSPCA can confirm that at least one of the 3 female guinea pigs that were found in the same box as 4 males in St Martins earlier this week is pregnant.

We currently have a total of 14 adult guinea pigs at the GSPCA and will have many more in the next month or so.

The gestation period of guinea pigs is approximately 2 months and they often have 3 to 5 offspring which are called pups.  For the vet to identify that at least one is pregnant then she is likely to be at least 5 weeks and due very soon.


7 guinea pigs dumped in St Martins today are now safe and dry at the GSPCA

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Today 7 guinea pigs were found abandoned outside St Martins Church.

All quite young the 7 guinea pigs were found in a very dirty blue box.

This is the second group of guinea pigs that have been found abandoned inn Guernsey in the last month.  Thankfully both groups were found and were brought into the Shelter but the GSPCA would urge anyone that needs to rehome their pets and not to dump them as it puts them at risk.