Flybe really didn’t like socially distancing but after months at the GSPCA is released thanks to Alderney Wildlife Trust

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During mid March the GSPCA were called out to rescue a very cheeky cormorant.

Flybe as the bird was named was found in Church Square unable to fly, very thin and trying to enter buildings and shops.

He was brought to the GSPCA where we fed him up and after over a week of care we got him to a lovely release spot near the Bathing Pools.

Flybe wasn’t convinced he was ready for the wild and shortly after being released he made his way back to land and continued to pester people.


Lucky cormorant survives fish hook through her system now back in the wild

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Last Sunday GSPCA Warden Suzy Rose was called out to a very poorly large seabird.

The bird was identified as a comorant and staff were concerned for its health due to line possibly attached to a hook inside the bird so it was taken to Isabelle Vets.

The bird was examined by Vet Ben Howitt who decided to x-ray the cormorant that the GSPCA staff has named 'Lady in Black'.

The x-ray clearly showed a hook inside Lady in Black and so the bird needed 5 days worth of care and a little luck to help her back to the wild.


Harry the cormorant back in the sea around Guernsey

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Yesterday Harry the cormorant was set free back to the wild.

Harry was found unable to fly on the weekend by a member of public at Route De La Marette.

Annie Janes Animal Care Assistant and Collection Officer went out to rescue him and bring him back to the Shelter where he has been cared for by the team in St Andrews.


6 weeks of intensive care at the GSPCA help save John the female Gannet

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On Monday after 6 weeks of intensive care a gannet that was rescued by Animal Collection Officer Geoff George covered in oil and very sick was released back to the wild.

John as he was named, was rescued from St Peter Port harbour and was in such bad condition on entry that without the expertise and care of the Shelter team he would certainly have died in the wild.

The GSPCA has had one of the busiest starts to any year with the wild weather which killed thousands of seabirds and injured many more.


Sid the Cormorant back where he belongs

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On Saturday a cormorant was rescued in Talbot Valley which isn't the usual place to see these fantastic birds.

Although a little thin and weak Sid as he has been named only required a few days rest.

With the weather just right and a belly full of fish, Sid was released back to the wild yesterday by Animal Collection Officer Geoff George.

Geoff George ACO said 'Sid certainly didn't waste any time getting back to the wild.'

'We released him below Castle Cornet and he really couldn't wait to get back to where he belongs.'


Happy New Year from the GSPCA but its certainly not a flying start for many Guernsey birds

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The GSPCA team and all the animals would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately the New Year and the bad weather over the last few days has certainly not helped many of our feathered friends.

New Years Day Ambulance Collection Officer spent much of the day rescuing injured birds around Guernsey.

These included a Gannet that is now named Balthazar. Balthazar was rescued by ACO Geoff George after being found exhausted and thin near Kings Mill.


Release of Bray the cormorant by the GSPCA in sunny Guernsey

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Last night one of the Shelter volunteer wardens rescued a cormorant from St Sampsons that was trapped in a garden.

After a night of TLC and plenty of fish we are pleased to announce that we were able to release him this afternoon in a very sunny St Peter Port spot.

After being trapped behind a fence thankfully there were no injuries or health issues which meant he was able to go back to the wild where he belongs.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'When he came in last night even though he had been trapped for some time he was very healthy.'


A wonderful happy ending for two very lucky birds - Olive and Barrus back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that this weekend two wonderful birds were released back into the wild.

Olive a young kestrel who was rescued from Torrey Canyon covered in oil has finally got her new feathers through and back to full health after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter so was able to be released back into the wild. 

Shelter staff Yvonne Chauvel and Eddie Higgins had the privilege to release her this weekend and were over joyed to do so.