Psychic GSPCA David the Second a very special degu predicts the results of the Euro Final

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At the GSPCA we have a huge of animals and some with very unique skills.

This week one of our degus David the Second had a very important task.

David was asked to use his psychic powers to predict the results of this weekends Euro finals between England and Italy.

David was placed in his physic exercise blue ball in a room with two flags, one for Italy and one for England and was asked to place himself on the team who he thought would win.


HAPPY NEWS - Victoria and Battenburg happy in their new home - please do share pictures of your adopted pets

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We absolutely love to hear from homes that have adopted animals from the GSPCA with pictures and their story of how they are doing

We recently heard from 2 degus adopted from the GSPCA Victoria and Battenburg.

Their new owner Caitlin Baxter said “I recently adopted Victoria and Battenburg the degus from the GSPCA and it says to send in some photos of them once they're settled it, so here they are!”

“They are both very friendly, Battenburg especially, she loves to grab my hand or pull on my clothes when she wants attention.”


A Deluge of Degu's at the GSPCA in Guernsey

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On the 15th June the GSPCA accepted two lovely, healthy, female Degu's that an owner could no longer care for with what we thought were 5 babies

Martha and Mary as they are named are fantastic little characters and the team quickly became very fond of them.

With any new mother Shelter staff and volunteers try to ensure they are not disturbed and kept in a quiet place at first.

After a couple of days staff took a much closer look and were surprised to find much more than 5 but in fact there were 10 babies from one of these lovely female Degu's.