Earl the Quail celebrating #GSPCAPurpleWeek needs a loving new home

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Earl the Quail has been helping us to celebrate #GSPCAPurpleWeek

He is a wonderful male Japanese Quail but we would love to find him anew home despite being one of our longest ever residents as he arrived as a stray in January 2019.

To make a donation you can go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)


Thank you Sarah for the awesome cakes to celebrate #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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All this week the GSPCA and islanders have been celebrating 149 years during our #GSPCAPurpleWeek

One of our amazing volunteers has been making delicious cupcakes for the team and help raise funds which included gluten free options.

To make a donation you can go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)


Students learning all about the GSPCA at Blanchelande College during #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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The #GSPCAPurpleWeek is all about celebrating 149 years of the GSPCA.

Our mission back then remains as strong today in being –

  • To prevent cruelty to all animals
  • To rescue animals in distress
  • To provide shelter for strays
  • To foster and encourage kindness and consideration in the treatment of all animals and birds

The fourth point and embedded in all we do in caring and education and a key part of this is the next generation.


Stormy weather brings oiled birds to our shores in #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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This week has been a busy week for oiled birds due to the stormy weather.

This week despite the GSPCA celebrating 149 years and #GSPCAPurpleWeek the high winds and rough seas have caused many sick, injured and even oiled sea birds.

To make a donation you can go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)


WEATHER WARNING in #GSPCAPurpleWeek- With extreme weather please help care for animals of Guernsey

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Once again the Bailiwick has high winds and weather that puts our animals and wildlife at risk.

Often during the winter months with the high winds and stormy weather makes it difficult for wild animals and birds to feed and rest.

With the high winds we have to ensure our pets and animals kept outside are safe and secure.

Once again GSPCA are asking those that live around and visit our coast to please watch out for injured animals in need as well as seal pups which can get separated from their mothers at this time of year especially when we see bad weather.


Today we celebrate 149 years please donate and support #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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On 11th February, 1873, a meeting was convened in the rooms of the Societe Guernesiaise “for the purpose of considering the expediency of establishing in the Island a Societe for the suppression of Cruelty to Animals” and the Dean of Guernsey was called to the Chair. The Patron of the Society was His Excellency Lt. General Froome.

A Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was thus established on the 14th February 1873 and became known as the GSPCA.


It's #GSPCAPurpleWeek are you helping us celebrate 149 years and supporting our work helping 1000's of animals every year?

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Today is the first day of #GSPCAPurpleWeek.

On Monday the GSPCA celebrate 149 years helping animals and supporting our community and we want you to help celebrate and support our vital 24/7 work.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Every February we celebrate our anniversary with #GSPCAPurpleWeek to celebrate our anniversary of being founded.”

“From making a donation to fund raising there are lots of ways to support our work.”



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At the GSPCA we see many animals caught in all sorts of discarded rubbish and with the compulsory use of facemasks from Saturday and the increasing numbers being seen thrown on the floor in Guernsey the GSPCA are urging the public to:


Seesaw Preschool make an amazing donation in a giant carrot card for #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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During #GSPCAPurpleWeek GSPCA Training and Community Officer headed to Seesaw PreSchool to meet the children, talk about our work at the Animal Shelter and was presented with something very special.

Tim said “I had a lovely time at Seesaw PreSchool in St Johns Church Hall meeting the children, talking about the work of the GSPCA and receiving a very special card.”


Share your love today this #GSPCAPurpleWeek as we celebrate 147 years from the day we were founded this Valentine's Day

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Today the GSPCA celebrates 147 years since the day we were founded.

To share your love this Valentine’s Day and help animals in Guernsey you can donate to the animals and our work by visiting www.paypal.me/DonateGSPCA   

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manage said “On the 14th February 1873 a group of concerned islanders identified there was a need to prevent animal cruelty and promote kindness and this gave birth to the GSPCA.”