Still no owner found for Catrina the stray cat at the vets who is having her operation today

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Catrina the cat is still at the vets and as we write this has gone to be operated on.

A huge thank you to all that have donated so far to her care, sadly we still have no idea who she belongs to but she has been improving each day.

We all have our fingers crossed for her and she will have to stay at the vets over the weekend at the very least.


Frank the guillemot being released back to the wild by the GSPCA in St Peter Port, Guernsey

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Today we released Frank the guillemot back to the wild.

Frank was found near the Fairy Rink in Pleinmont covered in oil on January 15th.

After a period in an intensive care unit, a number of bathes to remove the oil and ten days on our recovery pool he had an identification ring fitted and passed as fit to release.

Just after midday he was caught, boxed and transported just below Castle Cornet slipway.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne drove Frank to be released and on what was a calm sea let him out.


Please sponsor Richard who is facing his 'No Drink' challenge to raise funds for the GSPCA

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From Monday the 14th October until and including the 13th November Richard Hardie (you may know from the Livingroom) will not be drinking any alcohol to raise funds for the GSPCA. 

Richard Hardie said 'If anyone would like to sponsor me you can pop in to our office or on the GSPCA website.' 

'My partner Simon will be keeping tabs on me including when we are away for a week!' 


The GSPCA will be feeding back views on the Consultation Paper on Licensing of Tethering of Cattle, Goats and Horses

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With the current Consultation Paper on Licensing of Tethering of Cattle, Goats and Horses the GSPCA will be feeding back views on the document.

As an animal welfare organisation we believe that all animals should have the 5 Freedoms which are:


Gull training for GSPCA staff and volunteers - Thank you to Paul Veron

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Today Shelter staff and volunteers had the pleasure of a local expert in Gulls give a talk on their movements, the tracking of them and their behaviour.

Paul Veron who has been ringing birds since 1976 and has rung over 53,000 himself since starting has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the GSPCA team before they started their work.

Paul talked primarily about the movements and ringing work of the Herring Gull, Black Back Gull and Lesser Back Gull all of which breed around the Bailiwick.


Could you put a poster up of animals needing homes that are at the GSPCA?

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Could you help the GSPCA in helping animals find new homes?

You may already have pets or aren't able to but here is a way that you can help those feathered and furry friends find a new home.

We always have animals looking for new homes and the link below is a link to just a small selection. 

Why not place a poster up at your work or local shop and help spread the word of those animals needing new homes in Guernsey.

To download the posters please


Please help us find the owner of this stray tortoise

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The second stray tortoise we have had in at the Shelter is still looking for her owner.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The tortoise was found in the Vale area on the 18th May and is a female Hermans adult.

If you are looking for advice on lost and found animals please click here for details.



How cute is this stray baby ferret that was found cold and very weak?

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Earlier this week late on Tuesday evening a very kind gentleman spotted this little fella at the side of the road in the St Saviours area.

Andrea as staff have named him at only just over a month isn't even old enough to be away from his mother and is needing bottle feeding by Shelter staff at the GSPCA.

Andrea arrived late in the evening and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne accepted the young ferret who was very cold, weak and quiet.

A pen was quickly set up with additional heating and Andrea thankfully pulled through the first night well.


Work off those Easter Eggs and join the Itex-Rotary Walk 2013 to help the GSPCA and other worthy causes

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Too many Easter Eggs? Why not make the 2013 Itex Rotary walk part of your get fit regime!

The walk has now become one of Guernsey's key fund raising events for local charities and attracts several hundred participants every year determined to complete the nearly forty mile route.

2013 is the sixteenth year that the walk has been held and each year significant sums of money have been raised. In 2012 the walk raised nearly £52,000 and with your help we will hit a similar level this year.


Challenging weather for outdoor animals - advice from the GSPCA

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The GSPCA has recently received a large number of calls from concerned members of public about horses and other animals in wet and muddy fields.

Unfortunately due to the very wet winter we have all had to endure here in Guernsey the GSPCA Welfare and Education Officer has had a number of animals that have been reported to the GSPCA.

Emma Trousdale GSPCA Welfare and Education Officer said ‘With such a wet winter many animals have been affected both wild and domestic.’