Can you, your business or school help raise funds for the GSPCA with a GSPCA Counter Box?

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With GSPCA Purple Week and our 140th Birthday only a few weeks away the GSPCA are asking for your help.

We now have a selection of counter boxes with GSPCA goods to help raise funds for animals in Guernsey.

There are two kinds of boxes one being a £1 which has either GSPCA Purple Wristbands or GSPCA Pens or a £2 box with either GSPCA Pin Badges, GSPCA Key-rings or Little Labrador's in them.

Whether a school or an office, a shop or a garage if you are interested in helping support us please get in touch.


A way to make more of your 2012 donations - Did you know about Tax Relief for Guernsey Registered Charities?

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In September 2009 the States of Guernsey agreed to change the way in which tax relief is given in respect of donations to Guernsey Registered Charities (GRC).

Previously income tax relief was only available to individuals who made payments under an irrevocable Deed of Covenant in favour of a Guernsey Registered Charity for a period in excess of 3 years; no relief was available to Guernsey resident individuals in respect of noncovenanted donations to Guernsey charities.

In summary, the new system works as follows:


Show your support - GSPCA Car Stickers now on sale for just £1

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Do you support the GSPCA?  Well why not share it buy displaying one of our car stickers now on sale. 

For only £1 you can show your support and spread the word.  It will also mean that in an emergency you will have our number at hand to call as it is printed on the stickers.