Pets at Home visit GSPCA and a huge thanks for their continued support

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Earlier this week the GSPCA welcome staff from the Pets at Home Guernsey store to have a catch up and show the work that goes on 24/7.

Pets at Home and also the Pets Foundation (formerly the Pets at Home Foundation or Support Adoption for Pets) support the GSPCA and many other animal charities across the UK in many ways.


GSPCA collecting at Pets at Home this Easter please support or could you volunteer between the 3rd and 10th April?

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Support the GSPCA this Easter from Monday 3rd - 10th April in store at Pets at Home.

We are looking for volunteers to help collect all week and if you have time please call 257261 or email [email protected]

Today GSPCA team member Natalie Spicer is in store 10am to 12pm collecting, tomorrow Tim Pellett another team members with a team will be in store and Good Friday the GSPCA Manager plans to be there collecting and promoting our work and our 150 years.


GSPCA Purple Month – Pets at Home Guernsey store and Pets at Home Foundation support the GSPCA

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The GSPCA are hugely grateful to the Pets at Home Guernsey store and the Pets at Home Foundation who continue to support the GSPCA into 2023.

If you are a VIP member then every time you shop you can help raise funds for the GSPCA.

To become a member check out -


Santa Paws Appeal at Pets at Home launches Monday 21st November please pop in store to support their fund raising for the GSPCA

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The GSPCA are very excited to announce from the 21st November the Pets At Home Foundation launch the Share