The GSPCA ask please Think Fairtrade and Free Range this Pancake Day #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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Many are celebrating and supporting us for #GSPCAPurpleWeek and tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday also know to many as Pancake Day and many of us will shopping for our ingredients.  The GSPCA would like to remind everyone to think of the produce that you are going to use and please look to buy Animal Welfare friendly products such as free range eggs.

Although the EU legislation has forced many battery farms to improve their standards, chickens that live as free range birds have a much better quality of life.


Laurel and Hardy two cockerels at the GSPCA in need of a home say 'Please choose free range eggs for your pancakes'

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Laurel and Hardy are two cockerels at the GSPCA in need of a new home and they are asking everyone to please choose free range eggs for your pancakes.

As a consumer you have the power to help improve animals lives.  The GSPCA believes in the five freedoms for all animals and by choosing free range eggs you can help the welfare of these birds.