Update on Dude the very old sick cat found on the Bridge

Submitted by Steve on 18:21, 14th May, 2015 | 0

Yesterday we told you about Dude a very sick old stray cat that was found on the Bridge in St Sampson's.

He has just arrived back from the vets having had some tests and is a very tired lad so is currently asleep after a long day.

We are pleased that thankfully he has tested negative for feline aids and leukemia, but we have discovered he has high blood pressure which has resulted in his eyes hemorrhaging which has caused a loss in his sight.

We are awaiting further results which include tests for his thyroid and renal.


Jubilee the injured stray cat is healing well - thank you for your donations

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Earlier this week we reported on Jubilee an injured stray cat that was rescued in the Castel area.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations towards Jubilee and we are pleased to report his eye is healing extremely well and he is improving daily.

He has had a full week of treatment and continues his assessment and time as a stray within the Animal Welfare Ordinance as all stray animals must be kept for a minimum 21 days at the GSPCA


Stray tortie and white cat full of fleas and thin found in St Peter Port now at the GSPCA

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Just over a week ago a stray, female, tortie and white cat of around one year of age was brought into the GSPCA from St Peter Port.

On arrival she wasn't in the best of conditions with a very dirty coat, full of flea's, not acting very well in herself and extremely thin.

With no microchip or identification we are appealing for an owner to come forward, but it does appear that she had been out for some time.


A very old thin sick stray cat found on the Bridge now at the GSPCA

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On Sunday night a very old, thin, weak sick cat was found on the Bridge in St Sampson's and brought into the GSPCA.

With no microchip or collar and tag the cat is now under the care of the team at the Animal Shelter.

'Dude' as he has been affectionately named is a black and white short haired cat that has many health problems and is painfully thin.


GSPCA appeal for the owner of an old ill friendly black female cat from the La Vrangue area

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The GSPCA are appealing for the owner of a very old ill black cat that came into the Shelter yesterday. The female cat is not well at all and has seen the Shelter vets. If anyone is missing an old black cat from the La Vrangue area we are urging the owner to come forward as soon as possible. She is not microchipped and has no collar. If you have lost your black cat then please pop into the Shelter or call 01481 257261 as a matter of urgency.