Custom portraits of your pets, or custom painted animals available raising funds for the GSPCA

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Guernsey artist Toni de Kooker is offering custom acrylic and watercolour paintings of your pets, or animal of choice including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses and rodents! 

Toni is an animal lover, owning four Bengal cats and a German Shepherd cross Siberian Husky dog. The Guernsey SPCA is a charity close to her heart, having adopted 4 cats from the shelter during her childhood. Toni is passionate about animal welfare and the protection of wildlife:


Pet Portraits by Gina Andrews - Helping raise funds for the GSPCA

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Have your furry friend painted by Guernsey artist, Gina Andrews. Originals are hand-painted in Indian ink on high quality Fabriano paper with any colour detail added using watercolour paints.

What is required?

High quality images are to be emailed to for approval and discussion.  

Large sharp images that do not blur when zooming in.

Images with no red-eye.

Subject easy to see in the foreground of the image.