5 new Cat First Aiders trained at the last course of 2023 - 2024 dates now set

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All this year at the GSPCA we have been celebrating 150 years - https://www.gspca.org.gg/page/gspca-celebrating-150-year

As part of the celebrations we have held a range of events and last night was the final animal first aid course of 2023.

For over a decade we have been running dog and cat first aid courses which help teach owners and pet lovers how to save the life of their pet or animal.

The next GSPCA Dog and Cat First Aid Courses will take place in 2024.


New hands on Animal Care Course at the GSPCA with WEA

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Once again the GSPCA have teamed up with the WEA to provide a course in animal care.

The new course is an 'Introduction to Animal Care and Welfare' and gives a taste of working in the many different departments at the GSPCA whilst learning about animal care, behaviour and a hands on experience.

The course is a 2 day workshop and for those taking part we would kindly ask that you have a basic knowledge in animal care.

The main topics covered and experienced will be:


Third WEA GSPCA Animal Care Course Completed at the GSPCA

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For the third time WEA teamed up with the GSPCA to provide a comprehensive course that not only provided essential information for pet care, but tackles the wider issues of wild animal welfare in Guernsey.

The course subjects included:


New Cat First Aiders - Dog First Aid training this Sunday

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Once again the GSPCA held a Cat First Aid Course to help feline owners in Guernsey.

With 300 cats killed on the roads and the Animal Shelter helping over a 1000 cats a year at the GSPCA we are always striving to help pet owners.

Yesterday was the last cat first aid course of 2014 but there is a dog first aid course this Sunday and dates set for further courses next year.


Guernsey has a second group full of Animal Care know how thanks to the GSPCA & WEA training course

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Last night at the GSPCA the second Animal Care and Welfare Course saw another 15 graduates.

The Monday night course that started back in January has taken 8 weeks and covered a wealth of topics in caring for animals and working with them.

Last night Sarah, Sue, Siriol, Carolyn, Marilyn, Michelle, Andrew, Simon, Craig, Lisa, Hannah, Zoe, Mandy and John had their last session which covered grooming and coat care.  We also recapped the 8 weeks and had a Q and A followed by a presentation of certificates.