Shocked dog walking family find a hognose stray snake near Halfway filter

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Earlier today a couple walking their dog and son found a stray young hognose snake near the Halfway filter.

Now safe at the GSPCA this non-indigenous reptile is being housed in one of the Shelters vivarium’s.

The GSPCA are appealing for anyone that has any information or lost a young hognose snake to contact the Animal Shelter on 01481 257261

Seb Goman GSPCA staff member said “The snake was brought in by a couple with their son that were just out walking their dog near the Halfway filter on the sea front.”


Scaled back search for the L’Ancresse snake – but any information please call 257261 immediately

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Over the Summer months trained volunteers and staff from the GSPCA carried out extensive searches in the southern area of L’Ancresse Common after a dog walker reported seeing the tail-end of a fairly large snake enter the gorse.

Nearly 3 months ago a dog walker reported what was thought to be a snake with the tail-end being about a metre in length and several inches wide.


Warning & advice as the search goes on for the L’Ancresse snake – any information please call 257261

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Trained volunteers from the GSPCA are carrying out searches of the southern area of L’Ancresse Common after a dog walker reported seeing the tail-end of a fairly large snake enter the gorse.

Police officers are liaising with John Knight, President of the GSPCA and a vet who also specialises in exotic animals, and States Vet David Chamberlain.


Worst case of reptile starvation the GSPCA has seen results in the owner being banned

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Last October the GSPCA were involved in rescuing 4 reptiles some of which were so thin they were lucky to still be alive.

After months of care at the GSPCA the owner of the animals attended the Magistrates Court in St Peter Port yesterday.

The animals involved were 2 corn snakes, a royal python and a bearded dragon.  When they were rescued it was apparent that they hadn’t been cared for in some time due to the state of the enclosures which were extremely dirty and not appropriate for the animals due to the fittings and lack of provisions.


Pop Corn the corn snake is back home safe and sound

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Earlier this week a Corn Snake was found and rescued by the GSPCA on Route de la Mare de Carteret.

After advertising the stray snake online and through the local media we are delighted to report that the female 5 year old snake who was very much loved and missed by her owner is now home safe and sound.

Owner Teresa Rodgers said "She is doing well and letting us handle her again without any problems."

"Jake has two corn snakes a male Corn Flake and Pop Corn a female."

"She is 5 years old and Jake has had her from a baby."


Reptile Awareness Day - 21st October

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Habitat loss and the threat of extinction are significant concerns in the world of reptillian life.

Reptile Day promotes awareness of all things reptillian, encouraging learning about different types of reptiles, their natural environments and ecological challenges.

At the GSPCA we rescue, reunite, rehabilitate and rehome reptiles of all descriptions.

In the last year we have seen snakes to tortoise, turtle to lizards, terrapins and others some of which have been wild and others captive.

Only last week the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Movie was released.


Do you have your Mask for the GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball on Saturday 2nd November? Why not try Balloonees

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With the tables all sold out there is now a waiting list for those wanting to attend the GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball in November.

However if you are looking for a Mask then why not try Balloonees who are supporting our event.


Stray Snake found and rescued at First Tower Lane this morning

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This morning the GSPCA had a call about a stray Snake in the St Peter Port area.

Animal Collection Officer Geoff George before he started his shift had a call to help with a rescue of a Snake.

Geoff made his way to First Tower Lane where he found the Albino Corn Snake.

He quickly secured it and it is now back at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews, Guernsey.

Geoff George said 'The Albino Corn Snake I rescued this morning seems very well and is fine to handle.'


Chilli the snake is actually Lenny and is back in the arms of his owner

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We are pleased to announce that the owner of Chilli has been found.

Claire Mclarnon after seeing formerly named Chilli the Corn Snake in today's Guernsey Press has just called into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews to confirm Chilli is indeed Lenny.

Claire who whilst in the middle of moving discovered Lenny had escaped in transit nearly 3 weeks ago.

At 3 years of age Lenny has survived some of the coldest temperatures Guernsey has had in the last year and staff and volunteers at the Shelter were pleased to see how happy Lenny and Claire were to see each other.


Chilli wasn't what you would normally see on a winters beach in Guernsey

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Yesterday Ambulance Collection Officer had a very unusual call to collect what sounded like a stray snake on the beach.

The call came via the police after being spotted by some passers by walking along the front at Halfway in St Sampsons.

Geoff George attended to find a very cold stray corn snake.

Now named Chilli and in a warm vivarium at the GSPCA Animal Shelter we are appealing for the owner to come forward.

At around three feet long it is not possible to age Chilli but if you think this is your snake please call the Shelter on 01481 257261.