Billy No Mates the flying turtle needs a new home on International Turtle Day

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Today is International Turtle Day and we have helped many turtles at the GSPCA including those that have been flown to Gran Canaria like Olivia the Loggerhead Turtle that was rescued in 2016 and Murtle the Green Turtle that was rescued over a decade ago.

One of the luckiest and most unusual stories of a turtle we have ever had at the GSPCA is that of ‘Billy No Mates’ as he’s been named.

Billy No Mates was rescued in a very unusual manner back in early March this year.


UPDATE - Olivia the Loggerhead Turtle - Monday 7th March

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Olivia the loggerhead turtle continues her rehabilitation at the GSPCA in St Andrews.

Rescued last Wednesday she had a further check with Vet John Knight today.

Still very weak after her ordeal the team at the GSPCA continue to slowly raise her body temperature and treat her under the advice of the vet.

Not only did Olivia get to see the vet today she also got the chance of a little dip in a small pool with warmed water which she appeared to appreciate.


Today is World Turtle Day - Remembering Myrtle who was rescued 11 years ago in Guernsey and returned to Gran Canaria

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Today is World Turtle Day and the GSPCA is remembering this by reflecting on a Green Turtle the Animal Shelter rescued 11 years ago this year.

On the 13th January 2003 a live Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) was stranded on the west coast of Guernsey.

Elliot Green and his son who were playing football and Mary Harrison discovered a turtle that afternoon on Grandes Roques Beach and reported it to the Animal Shelter.